Pippi’s up

Pippi needs a rest
Pippi needs a rest

It’s just about that time!  Pippi the bruiser is due tomorrow.  We have been calling her Pippi Saddlebags for quite awhile now, as she look like she is carrying a suitcase on both sides.  She is front-loading right now, hasn’t stopped stuffing her face for the last day or two.  She always does this…  We go out at 9:30 or 10 PM and she is still up scarfing all the leftover hay that everyone else has turned their backs on.  She knows she needs some serious energy right now, so she is taking care of business.

Guernseys are loving the warm weather
Guernseys are loving the warm weather

And so it goes.  More adorable babies on the way, I hope!  Tomorrow it’s supposed to be sunny and 70F.  Perfect!  We gave Pippi a pep talk tonight and let her know that tomorrow would be the perfect  time.

We shall see.  We play more of the waiting game.  And in the meantime we are fighting off the Attack of the Blackflies.  It’s almost the perfect time of year as far as the weather goes, and the darn flies have to ruin it  :*/


2 thoughts on “Pippi’s up”

  1. OK! i am waiting too!!!!

    and blackflies…well, sorry for you, but i read this, after looking at your beauty of your world there, compared to desert here, and am glad for that. No blackflies. Rarely mosquitoes. Benevolence takes many

    GO PIPPI!!!!!!!

  2. You are lucky not to have the insect problem! But we don’t have poisonous snakes here, so I guess that is a trade-off!

    Thanks for the good thoughts on Pippi!

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