Pippi delivers the goods

Pippi's twins
Pippi’s twins

I don’t think that Pippi has ever had her kids at night.  She always goes into labor early in the day and by evening everyone is settled for the night.  I am convinced that she waited until darkness yesterday because the black flies were so intent upon carrying every living thing away, and she couldn’t stand it until dark when they go into hiding!

Little Spot the buckling
Little Spot the buckling

And so we have a new buck and doe.  Half Saanen, half Lamancha.  They are beautiful little goaties!  They are both white, but the little buck has a black spot on his left cheek.  His grampie, Elvis the crazy white Lamancha, was all white with two little spots of black on his left side.  Funny how those things come out.

Anyhow, the doe was 9.25 lbs and the buck was 8.5.  Everything went very well, and they are resting in their greenhouse pen.  They had a lazy day today, but are looking strong and healthy.  The little doe is always ready to cuddle, and the little buck is constantly teasing his sister.

And so we have one more doe to go (Pickles), and if anyone else is pregnant, we won’t know until later.  Maybe Reddog did manage to breed some of the girls and we will be happily surprised!



5 thoughts on “Pippi delivers the goods”

  1. You have a good memory, Lavinia! Last year she was not eating enough before her due date and after the babies were born she was not getting enough energy to keep her going. She is doing well this year.

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