Keeping busy

First walk through the herd for the new babies
First walk through the herd for the new babies

Not difficult on a farm in the spring.  Pippi’s babies are doing very well, and they are growing like weeds.  We let them out of the jug on Monday morning, and it’s one of my favorite things to watch as the mama and babies get introduced back into the herd.  Always entertaining!  Pippi takes her job very seriously, and she warned everyone off of her babies.  She can be a bit of a barnyard bully, but in this case, it’s definitely a necessity!

Half gallon of Pippi milk!
Half gallon of Pippi milk!

Because the new babies are still smallish, they are not emptying Pippi’s udder very efficiently, and of course they always have a favorite side!  So the left side of Pippi’s bag was staying much larger than the right.  I took advantage of that, and got her on the milking stand yesterday afternoon.  She is a trooper, and gave me a lovely half gallon of milk.  I won’t be able to depend on this amount, because as the kids grow, they nurse much more efficiently.  But it’s a start.

Fencing and the old livestock greenhouse
Fencing and the old livestock greenhouse

Over the weekend we also got some fencing done.  One of our greenhouses has to come down, but I had based some paddock perimeters on the greenhouse and had fencing attached (never a good idea, but it worked at the time).  I had not been allowing any one in there as I have no cover for that greenhouse, and it’s really kind of in an awkward spot.  So we got our alternate fencing up, which always takes longer than I think.  But it’s a big job and I am kind of past wielding a sledge hammer and pounding 7′ T-posts in to the ground, so I was happy to have my son’s help.  (I used to stand on the step ladder and pound away.  Not in my plans anymore).

Pippi's kids are so tall!
Pippi’s kids are so tall!

And so it goes.  We are waiting on Pickles to have her kids.  She is due on Saturday.  She didn’t look quite ready yet this morning, although she is getting there.  First-timers can really surprise you.

Looking forward to a mostly beautiful weekend.  Full of goat babies, I hope!


2 thoughts on “Keeping busy”

  1. Thanks, Lavinia! The babies are totally adorable and doing well. I haven’t gotten much milk from Pippi since the other day. It’s okay, she may have just needed a good empty-out!

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