Pickles picks the perfect day

New boy on the farm
New boy on the farm

Our yearling doe, Pickles, chose wisely.  She really didn’t look ready to kid today at all, but first-timers can fool just about all of us!  I did chores, checked her carefully, and her udder looked a little tiny bit bigger, but nothing serious.  We took our grandson to our favorite breakfast place, and then scooted up the hill to our pigeon racing friend’s house to watch his birds come in from a race.  He and his wife had driven and released the club’s birds in Massachusetts, and he wanted to make sure they all registered on the clock (we have no old birds flying this spring).  We saw the first 7 or 8 pigeons come in a little after 9:30, and then I got a call from my son that we had baby touchdown.  So I raced home to take care of seeing that the little guy got his Bo-Se shot (to prevent white muscle disease) and his little umbilical cord dipped in iodine, plus a weight.

Mama is taking good care of her boy
Mama is taking good care of her boy

Pickles is a medium-sized doe, but not the biggest, and she birthed a 7.75 lb buckling with no trouble.  She is definitely SnowPea’s daughter!  Our little buck definitely has the Guernsey genes (his father, Reddog, is almost pure Guernsey, his mother is 1/4 Alpine, 3/4 Lamancha).  Sigh.  This day has not disappointed!

Tired out from being the new boy in town
Tired out from being the new boy in town

I am really not sure if anyone else out there is bred, but this morning I just happened to be standing behind Pickles’ sister Sassafrass, and one side of her udder is round and full.  I don’t know if this is just a copycat of what Pickles had last fall, an udder that was filling without any pregnancy, or if Sassafras is really bred and might be cooking a baby in there!  I guess only time will tell, or I can draw blood and do a pregnancy check.  If I still don’t know by mid to late June, I may just do that.  The one thing I am pretty sure of is that none of the goats are likely to be kidding before then, if they are bred, so I will be out of school if things should look promising!  All of us can get a good night’s sleep for awhile now :*)


6 thoughts on “Pickles picks the perfect day”

  1. Thank you Grace and Lavinia! We are in touch with the vet. I need to have him disbudded. He is well-cooked, and was born with aggressive horn buds, so we need to take care of it soon. He is only half Guernsey, which is a polled breed, but the Lamanchas definitely have horns. So we have to have that taken care of. But he is a really beautiful boy!

  2. Oh, and I do not wether any of my boys. The ones that grow up and are not useful on the farm go for meat. We treat them to a good life, and then they feed us and our friends.

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