Fergus and Mama Pickles

Mama and boy
Mama and boy

Fergus, our last kid born, is doing really well.  His mama, Pickles, is a great mother, and is doing her goat mama thing.  Having had a single baby, I was concerned about her udder.  Little Fergus has only been nursing from one side, so I had to empty the left side of her udder for a few days.  She was not very happy about that, but in the past day or so, Fergus has realized that there is more than one spigot available!  Great kid, Fergus!

Right after Fergus was born, I emailed the vet and asked if we could have a visit very soon, as Fergus was born with horn buds ready to go.  We had a few hiccups in connecting with each other, but she was finally able to get here and take care of that.  We had her do our little white doeling as well, although she was enough older that I think it did not totally get the buds off.  It may inhibit the horn growth, however.  Disbudding with an iron is very tricky business, and it’s easy to kill a kid by being too aggressive, so I leave that to the vets.

We got quite a bit done this weekend, and this drizzly Memorial Day morning is a lazy one for me.  I am going to have another cup of coffee and decide what i need to pull together a nice dinner.  The ingredients of the day are eggplant and chicken.  Lots of possibilities there!



4 thoughts on “Fergus and Mama Pickles”

  1. Thanks, Lavinia! Tesser is doing quite well. She loves to bask in the sun on the floor, or in the window. She love to bake! Thanks for asking about her.

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