And the Down Side

img_1659Getting our two groups of girls together seamlessly was very nice, but we now have another problem:  not enough milk!

Betsy, making trouble again!
Betsy, making trouble again!

Betsy, who is now 6 months old, had been separated from her mother for over two months.  I have had varied luck through the years with weaning;  sometimes I can separate kids and does for 6-8 weeks and when they get back together, everything is fine and I can continue milking the moms.  It does not always go so well, however!  And this is one of those times.  After all the does were reunited, 4 days went by and I continued milking Battie with the same amount of product that we had before.  But that little bugger Betsy soon caught on that she could get the goods before I milked them away, and Battie finally gave in. (Betsy didn’t let up on her and Battie knew when she was beaten…)

Sigh!  My cheese production is suffering…  with only the two does milking, getting that cut down by a lot is not boding well!  I will do what I can with the milk from Pippi, and make smaller batches of chevre.  Maybe it’s time for me to try some small samplings of different cheeses.  Hope I have time, I am busier now in retirement than I was when I was working :*)


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