Breeding 2016 commences and continues

My last post was actually written about a week ago, and it got put on the back burner accidentally, so when I published, it was a little misleading.  I am definitely using Reddog for our herd sire, keeping our fingers and toes crossed, of course.  We are putting our faith in him!  He smells like a randy buck and is certainly acting like one, which I am counting on to mean that he is all there and able to do the job.

Reddog coming in for his grain, with his girls
Reddog coming in for his grain, with his girls

The 4 does and Reddog have been penned together since October 12th.  So far I have pretty good proof that he is doing his job.  If he is not shooting blanks, Beezus is due on March 27, and Pippi is due on March 30.  I had initially thought that Saffron was in heat around 10/18, but I did not see the courtship dance and snuffle at that point, and I am thinking she is coming into heat today or possibly tomorrow.  And then it’s just down to our Battie.

All of this is well and good, but the proof will obviously be in a few weeks.  If the girls come into heat again, one by one, then we will have a clue about Reddog’s worthiness as a buck.  Only time will tell!  The suspense is on :*)



4 thoughts on “Breeding 2016 commences and continues”

  1. GOOD to hear this.
    the son of the old Herd Sire here, old man Goat, went to nearby
    does for spring and summer. She is a good Goatherd and knowledgable. But she was pretty certain SunnyRay wasn’t doing his work. Time passed and still, she was skeptical. Got a new vet to
    come and do ultrasounds and the verdict was probably not. So
    it seemed that i would need to think of SunnyRay as sterile. and
    you know how that feels, but worse here because he was the
    buckling born here that i kept to carry on his father’s line. Total Sadness. But then, there was fattening and to make a sad story
    happy, the two does Were indeed bred and ALSO two
    young ones, too young, really to breed, but were found in his pen
    with him. 4 altogether and all successful kiddings, even the young ones.
    Your situation is different tho…a small window of time…these are
    I am sending good vibes for Reddog.

  2. Thanks so much, Grace! I really think a lot has to do with better nutrition. I am glad that your 4 kiddings all came out well, even with the young ones. Our Reddog seems to be going great guns so far. He is very enthusiastic, but we have only actually witnessed him on one doe. But the other one had some tell-tale signs on her back end, so hopefully it’s working. He has really grown and matured in the past year. I am beginning to wonder if maybe the Guernseys as a breed mature a little later. I do not know. My other two does appear to be very interested in him today, and he with them, so I hope it comes to pass. If so, we will have a very intense week of kidding, and then all the babies will be about the same age, which makes everything so much easier!

  3. it will be really Wonder FULL if they all kid around the same time….
    all the fencing adjustments etc. all the does concerned with their own kids and not nose-ing in with others, all the tentative Energy of kidding done in one fell swoop…I hope for this for you.

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