After all these years

Our beautiful new hydrant!
Our beautiful new hydrant!

I finally got my wish!  John had a hydrant put in up near the goat pens.  It’s the best 35th anniversary present I could get :*)

We have a dug well with a sump pump in it and hoses at least 100′ long that we use in the warmer weather to get water to the animals.  Hauling water out from the tub in the house (those 6 gallon cans are killers) in the winter is a royal pain.

But not anymore!



6 thoughts on “After all these years”

  1. Happy anniversary! I love this useful gift. 🙂 my favorite anniversary gift (for my 17th, I think?) was my husband fixing our hundred year old laundry shoot. It makes changing sheets on the third floor and washing them in the basement so much easier…

  2. Thoughtful and useful gift! Now to keep it from freezing up on you in the depths of winter. I’m sure you have a fix for that tho.

  3. Ah, that’s the beauty of the hydrant. It is self-draining, as long as we just keep a short length of hose on it (like maybe 3′), and also make sure to close the handle all the way. There is a special valve in it that is made for this precise reason. It’s very clever!

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