This Week in America

Time change. No more Daylight Savings!
Time change. No more Daylight Savings!

I was all ready to write a post about how I believe all my breeding does are bred, but this week kind of de-railed me.  I have been extremely anxious and upset during this election season, which seemed to go on much longer than it should have, but most of us get up every day and hope for the best from our country and from the world, and keep on going.

I am an optimist and eternally cheerful and ready to meet the challenges that we have in life, and this election was definitely a big test of that point of view.  Even so, I felt sucker-punched by the outcomes of this vote which stank of hatred and intolerance.  And yet it does not totally surprise me, because there are a number of people in my family who have been feeling disenfranchised and side-lined by this country even while the economy has technically been on the “upswing.”

The breeding group at supper. Gotta watch your back, or Pippi or Reddog might bump you out of your spot!
The breeding group at supper. Gotta watch your back, or Pippi or Reddog might bump you out of your spot!

At the basis of this all is that I am totally abhorrent of hate-speak and prejudice of any kind.  I have had plenty of practice in being the person that is ignored because of background and ethnicity, even in the country of my birth.  We are a country of immigrants and need to be mindful of that always, even of those that have come to the party more recently.

Saffron the Guernsey goat. No election anxiety for her!
Saffron the Guernsey goat. No election anxiety for her!

I wish a lot of things for this country, but most of all that we can make an effort to heal ourselves.  Be the change that we want to see, be inclusive, and advocate for a language of tolerance instead of hate.  And I am on it!  Call your representatives, call your senators, call the White House after the changeover.  Make yourselves heard about what is important to you, because I know that I will be.  We need to be vigilant about all of our civil rights, and I fervently hope that we can move forward instead of back, together, as a country.  And I wish this also for the world.  Rebecca at Grongar posted a lovely segment from Carl Sagan about our world and how small and precious it is.  I hope that we all can see that in the days and years to come.

6 thoughts on “This Week in America”

  1. Beautifully said and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Tho I really think Bernie could have won it, it is time to accept and move on. Your goats seem to get that, thank goodness for them!

  2. Thanks, Kim, I agree with you on Bernie. He was my first choice, and it saddened me to see the results. Ah well, it does pay to spend time with the goats. I am sure it’s good for my BP!

  3. Nina, thank you for this post…every thread connected among us keeps us from unraveling….and by the first, i guess you think Reddog did
    his work?

  4. I think so, Grace. It appears that everyone was in heat (although the Guernseys do not exhibit the drama of heat that some of my girls do). Each has taken a turn in having a day or two of total devotion to Reddog and he to them, so while we didn’t witness 2 of the girls mating, we are presuming the best. Just have to wait and see if anyone comes back into heat! (I am not a nail-biter, but I could be convinced I think!!!)

  5. A beautiful post and call to (peaceful) arms. Thank you for this! (And congratulations on the bred does!)

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