Getting ready

New tarp is installed on greenhouse #1
New tarp is installed on greenhouse #1

The time has come for us to make sure we are ready for winter.  In the past week the animal’s water tanks have been freezing over, and it was a sign to get going on winterizing the pens and the water troughs.

We had a new and larger tarp on order from our local farm and feed store, and today it arrived.  We are lucky that it was a very lovely day, and we got that puppy on this afternoon.  Yesterday we ended up replacing a stock tank with a floating heater with another kind of heated 16 gallon bucket.  It is different than our other heated stock tanks, but I hope it will be just as good.

Not truly gorgeous, but a new stock tank is beautiful to us!
Not truly gorgeous, but a new stock tank is beautiful to us!

And so we move into the winter, whether it is officially here or not.  The goats are all putting on their furry best, and we are adding straw in to their sleeping quarters regularly (those little buggers eat quite a bit of the straw, so it’s difficult to keep the amount we want available to them!).  The dreaded Polar Vortex is scheduled to arrive for a quick showing this weekend, and then again in a more serious way toward the end of next week.  Brr.  I don’t feel quite ready, but it doesn’t matter.  We will see it in.  And the countdown to the shortest day of the year is on!  Totally looking forward to the Solstice :*)


6 thoughts on “Getting ready”

  1. Our temperatures are going down down down over here…a low of -25F is predicted this weekend, and we just got about a foot of snow. (A lot for this area of the prairies). I am glad to hear your goats are bulking up and you are making preparations over there. I predict it will be cold! It is already very nippy here. I got out my bulky lopi sweater for tomorrow!

  2. I know that on the prairies the cold gets much more bitter than it does here, so I hope you guys keep your woolies on! We are hoping for not as much arctic blast this year, but I suspect it’s here!

  3. N Mex….still holding in the warmish zone…but who knows anymore.
    Even the warmish zone is cold for us…as you…re organizing Goat
    yards, straw, water tubs. It’s never ending. It is solace to me to
    read that i am not alone in it all. Yes. Solstice. Soon and then we can
    turn toward the Light.

  4. No, Grace, you are not alone! It is always something with livestock, and I cannot wait for the Solstice! Yes, turning toward the light is always something to look forward to. Counting the days and hours :*)

  5. We woke to 19 outside this morning, which is very cold for us. It’s 7:30 and I’m still sipping coffee and delaying going out into it!
    Gonna have to break the ice in the chicken waterers and keep a lot of wood in the stove the next few days.

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