Goat tripping

The Home Gang trying to figure out what is going on
The Home Gang trying to figure out what is going on

Well, we did it!  We have now added 4 more Golden Guernsey goats to the home herd.  I thought long and hard about it, but when push came to shove, I knew that I could not say no to a few more of these very laid back and beautiful girls when the opportunity arose.

My little road warrior
My little road warrior

Anyhow, we bought our original 3 Guernseys from Bailey and Thomas at Ardelia Farm in the northeast kingdom of Vermont.  And we went to get these 4 from Ardelia as well because they are scaling back their animal involvement in favor of the businesses that are actually making them money.  Good one on them!  So we lucked out.

Where are we???
Where are we???

Anyhow, Sam and I left Bristol at 5 a.m. on the dot yesterday morning, each of us driving our vehicles in tandem, tarps and straw all at the ready in the back of our vehicles.  It was a blustery day with pretty serious snow squalls in the White Mountains, but we took it easy and arrived in northern Vermont about 10:20 a.m.  (We stopped for a bathroom and coffee break in Gorham, NH, and then the darn GPS took us on a two-lane road in Vermont that by-passed interstate 93, but we were driving behind a geezer going about 30 mph for many, many miles, so it didn’t save us any time.  Very frustrating!).

Delta and Dorcas tuck in to breakfast on this wintry morning
Delta and Dorcas tuck in to breakfast on this wintry morning

Anyhow, Bailey and Thomas of Ardelia Farm are really lovely people and we totally appreciate being able to get more Guernsey stock from them.  The four girls we brought home are as cute as buttons, and nicely laid back.  They did the drive with no drama,  and we will deal with the vehicle clean-out later today.  We were too exhausted from the 10-hour trip to do anything yesterday afternoon other than tuck them in, and the vehicles aren’t going anywhere!

Dorcas, Delta, Elleganza and Edna are comfortably ensconced in a little pen of their own for the moment.  We will have a chance to get to know them better in the next few days and will see how they like living with us on the coast (although it is 10F here this morning, which should not be much of a change for them!).  We will have to start knitting little goat booties, too,  as they are all bred and probably due in late February…

8 thoughts on “Goat tripping”

  1. Thanks, Kim. I hope so as well! We need a little one-on-one time with them first, and the vet will be out to do Rabies shots soon, but they are getting to know each other through the fence for now!

  2. Do guernseys have good tasting milk? As compared to the la manchas that you have.

  3. so that makes how many does? and rabies….we don’t do that
    here in New Mexico as far as i’ve ever heard…interesting. Kidding
    in Feb…eeeeeeeeeeee…..

  4. Oh yes. It is creamier than the Lamancha milk. I think that the cheese I made this past summer was much creamier and sweeter than if I just used the Lamancha milk. But the Lamancha milk is awesome, too!

  5. I know Grace, more girls than I had really planned on, but I really couldn’t say no! One of our Lamancha does is sold but has not left yet, and the remaining girls equal about 9 I guess now! And I am not looking forward to kidding at the end of February, really not at all…

    As far as Rabies goes, it’s a problem up here. Lots of racoons and skunks show up rabid, and many times they make their little nesties under animal shelters and sheds, etc. Even if only one of my animals got bitten, the chances are that the state would put them all down. I don’t want to take that chance, just to save some money. They are too precious!

  6. eeeee…put them all down….NO…
    i’m going to ask the Vet next time i see him about how this all
    plays out in NM. as i said, i’ve never heard it spoken about.
    so..ok. Still not quite clear….9 altogether? or 9 plus the new 4?
    which would be 13?

  7. Grace, we now have 9 does altogether! We still have Big Zelda the Lamancha here for the moment, but she has been sold. So 9 does and 3 bucks. The Lamancha buck may also be going along with Zelda, not sure yet. And yes, you might want to see what your vet says. Unfortunately, no testing has been done on goats as to how many years can go inbetween the Rabies shots, so we have to get them every year. But I really think it’s totally worth it!

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