I love this kid

Fergus the nut
Fergus the nut

Fergus.  He is a crazy goofball, and he is about the sweetest buck we have ever had on the farm.  There is something going on here that is not what can become the i’m-friendly-when-i’m-small-and-i’ll-boss-you-when-i’m-big.  He seems genuinely sweet.  Of course, he is a goat, and goats can get up to some pretty crazy things, so I am not counting on him always being totally cooperative, specially when fully grown.

Always fooling around
Always fooling around

This little guy is almost dog-like. His mama Pickles was sold a few weeks ago with his auntie Sassafras.  They are Lamancha/Alpine crosses, and his papa is Reddog the Guernsey buck.  So almost half Guernsey (although the Guernsey association will not allow any of the Lamancha crosses  to be used as foundation stock for the breed, more’s the pity).  The Guernsey goats really are much more laid back than most of the other dairy breeds, so I hope this continues to be his personality.

Working in the greenhouse, Fergus has to lend a helping hoof or two
Whatcha doin’?  Can I help???

What a nut!  Wherever we are, there is Fergus, making our day a little bit brighter.  He is always ready to offer a helping or hindering paw, whichever.

He knows he is cute!
He knows he is cute!

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