Sunday yucky Sunday

Yesterday afternoon's chore time
Yesterday afternoon’s chore time

The snow was awesome, while we had it.  Nice fluffy stuff.  Of course, it was lying on top of the ice road that our driveway had become, so it was tough going, nonetheless.

But the rain came today along with unforgiving wind, and the temperatures have been steadily rising, only to reportedly plummet again tonight.  All the goaties are snug in their shelters and have been all day.

The snow was quite pretty!
The snow was quite pretty!

I am chomping at the bit to be able to get all the girls into one group together, but that will be another 10 days or two weeks.  The vet is coming on Wednesday and we are doing the new girls’ Rabies vaccines as well as the usual blood testing.  All the newbies are purportedly bred, (they were in with a buck), and I don’t want to take a chance on any of them passing something to our existing herd (although the present setup is not optimal, they can touch noses through the fencing).  I do not believe that it is going to be a problem, but I don’t want to take any chances, either.  And the Rabies is very important to get well before the kids arrive.

So our shelter change-up organization is going to have to wait until the two groups are one.  Until then, the girls appear to be pretty comfortable.  Cannot WAIT for the Solstice!!!

4 thoughts on “Sunday yucky Sunday”

  1. i’m back tracking here…i always read the day you post, but sometimes don’t comment right away…and this raises the question of exactly
    HOW do the usual worrisome diseases get passed on? When
    i’ve done testing for a buck that someone wants to use, we’ve
    tested for: CAE, Brucella, CL, Qfever and TB. It’s a closed herd
    except for the 2 bucks that have gone to Jan the dogtrainers.
    She tests her herd for the same. But i am thinking, and wondering
    now, exactly how are these transmitted?

  2. I think that each one gets transmitted differently. That’s a good question, Grace! I just want to start from a baseline and then move forward. Hoping it is accurate.

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