The holiday weekend is upon us

The new girls are curious about the other group
The new girls are curious about the other group

And we have hit the wall of the week,  Friday!  Things have been crazy this past few days, and not from a holiday standpoint.  I am always first and foremost handling goat management, as I need to be.  When you have animals, that is really what you do, behind the scenes of everything in life it is always the animals.

We were expecting the vet to be here on Wednesday morning and were all set up for that.  Doing blood work before we mix the two groups of girls together is part of the plan, and when the temperatures are moving into winter range, we want to be able to do that as promptly as possible (getting blood out of animals in really cold temps is not easy.  Been there, not pretty!)  But, there is always a spanner in the works.

I never stopped to think about the fact that Sunday is Christmas, and the vet, luckily, had spoken to at least one of the labs early on Wednesday, and we realized that even if all the labs received the blood late in the day on Thursday, there might be employees on vacation, and it would possibly put the blood at risk for not being fresh enough to test – or at worst, not there yet at all.  At this point we decided to reschedule to Monday.  I am much happier, and as luck would have it, Monday looks like an okay day weather-wise.  That is truly lucky at this time of year.

And so we are in a holding pattern until then.  We are getting ready to cover the empty bare-bones greenhouse with a new tarp, as I am planning on that to be the kidding area.  The new girls we have from Ardelia Farm are all due to kid around the end of February, and thus we need to keep moving forward on all of this.

And so it goes.  Tonight is a screening of The Empire Strikes Back while we wrap gifts.  This is a family tradition, and I am definitely looking forward to it.  (And for anyone who has not seen Rogue One yet in the theaters, go see it ASAP.  It’s amazing!).

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone!


4 thoughts on “The holiday weekend is upon us”

  1. Brilliant to have realized that….it probably wouldn’t have worked.
    and would have most of all a waste of effort it takes to get the
    blood drawn.
    I am so looking forward to all the kidding stories….in Feb no less.

  2. Glad that you are looking forward to the kidding in February. I am not particularly looking forward to it, but one of the new does is showing signs of baby life in her belly. I got really excited when I saw that, so I guess it will be okay. It’s all good. Gotta work fast to get the kidding greenhouse ready for the babies!

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