2017 Doelings for sale

We now have 2 Guernsey doelings for sale.  We are asking $150 for each.  For more information please contact me directly: ruitfarm at gmail dot com.

We absolutely love our Guernsey girls.  All of our stock came originally from Ardelia Farm in Vermont.  None of these doelings are registered as Ardelia did not register all of their animals with the Guernsey Goat Breeders of America.  I am trying to get some of this sorted out, but it’s a long shot!


Dorcas doeling RFN #1772  Mother: Dorcas, Father: Ardelia Farm

Dorcas has a very large, well-developed udder and her babies have grown very fast.  I have not milked her.

Dorcas’ doeling 1772







Dorcas doeling RFN #1771  Mother: Dorcas, Father: Ardelia Farm

Dorcas’ doeling #1771







Both of Dorcas’ doelings:

Dorcas’ doelings together















Edna’s doeling

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