2018 Babies for sale

May 2018 – At this time we have two Guernsey doelings for sale, and two half Guernsey, half Lamancha babies for sale (one buck with horns, and one doeling).  We disbud all of our doelings, but only disbud buck kids if we know they are headed for a home that wants disbudded bucks.  Please email me for more information: ruitfarm at gmail dot com.

Edna is one of our most laid back does, and her two babies from this year’s kidding are lovely girls.  They are very friendly, and extremely playful.  They will be able to leave the farm about June 3rd.



Below are some photos of Pippi’s half Lamancha/half Guernsey babies.  They come from an outstanding Lamancha milking line, their grandmother originally out of Lamp Oil Farm in Pennsylvania.  They are sweet and spunky.  They are also able to leave the farm on or about June 3rd.




Thanks for your interest, and thank you to all the lovely folks who have taken our babies into their own herds!  Love those Guernseys :*)






























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