11 minutes

Edna cudding and giving me the stink-eye!
Edna cudding and giving me the stink-eye!

We had quite a productive day today.  A little crazy, actually!  Some of the results of the dairy goat tests from last week have come in, but the vet had to return and get 1 more vial of blood from each of the 4 girls today.  They are not a problem to corral, but it just requires a little planning, as always!

Added to that we had an appointment with our friend Emily to come out and trim hooves with us.  So our 4 newbie Guernseys were not particularly happy to be handled twice in one morning, but the weather warmed up pretty nicely and it was a good morning’s work.

In the last few days, luckily, it has been warm enough with just enough sun peeking through at times to get some of the ice cleared out.  Some areas in the paddocks are still a mess, and the goats’ well-travelled lanes end up covered with straw and hay leavings – and poop.  It just seems to happen naturally and helps with their footing, but the downside is that the ice underneath it gets insulated and doesn’t melt as fast.

Every winter is different, and this one has been a challenge from the first.  It’s weather, nothing to do about it but make the best of it.  And, we are on the positive side of daylight by 11 minutes!


2 thoughts on “11 minutes”

  1. Love that you too are counting those returning minutes! We’ve just finished with the rain. Then this afternoon was a blizzard. It is still not cold enough to freeze everything solid. I agree – this has already been a crazy winter. Cuddles to Edna!

  2. Thanks, I hope Edna appreciates it! For being the smallest of the 4, she is definitely the second most difficult to control! You would never think it! And cuddles to your beautiful Jennies.

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