Our Sweet Saffron

Saffron thinking deep thoughts
Saffron thinking deep thoughts

As gestation continues on the farm, (or at least we hope gestation is continuing!), I am watching all the girls carefully.  Keeping an eagle eye on the bunch is part of every day chores, but there are a few that I keep an extra eye out on as well.  One of those is Saffron.

saffythebeautiful2Our sweet Saffron is the Guernsey goat who lost her pregnancy and then got rebred only to lose the fetus pretty late in the game to an infection.  We had a necropsy done on the baby, but after it had been frozen, so the results were definite on an infection, but other than that, we aren’t really sure of the cause of the infection itself.

Since then Saffron has really flowered and is a lovely strapping girl, actually the largest of all of our Guernseys.  We had her in with the rest of the bunch and I believe she was bred by Reddog along with the others (I have a definite breeding sighting).  She is a very, very sweet and gentle girl, and very special to me.  So when we had Emily the shearer here to do hoof trimming, I was not happy to see that Saffron really took it hard.  She shook and cried the whole time, even though I was holding her.  In between bleats she kissed me until Emily was done, and Emily is very gentle and I know it didn’t hurt!  I hate having to stress her out like this, particularly while she is pregnant, but sometimes these things have to be done.  I am hoping this wasn’t too much stress for her, and that the rest of her pregnancy goes well.  I have my fingers crossed that she has a healthy little goatie baby at the end of March.  She is such a good auntie to Betsy, I know she will be a good mama!




6 thoughts on “Our Sweet Saffron”

  1. Oh … I can just imagine you holding Saffron through that. Sure wish that sometimes we could ‘explain’ things better to our animal buddies!

  2. I know, you just can’t do more than you can do. She is such a sweet girl, I hope things go well for her. Thanks for the good thoughts!

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