That’s the plan

Fergus and Saffron at breakfast today
Fergus and Saffron at breakfast today

Waiting on all our goat blood test results is almost over.  The only test not reported out so far is the CL test (Caseous Lymphadenitis, very nasty).  The lab apparently has been backed up, and should have results for us Monday or Tuesday.  In the meantime we are going to have some fecal tests done, and just get everything tidied away before we can join our two female groups together.

Greenhouse that needs a cover
Greenhouse that needs a cover

Our vet usually does the fecals, and mostly to report on the Haemonchus Contortus worm (barberpole worm) which is the most life-threatening.  But we heard through the grapevine that some of the does that came out of the farm our does came from, have tapeworm.  Not the end of the world, and controllable, but we want to be sure before we meld the two groups.  I hate worming during gestation, and worming for tapeworms is only effective with the “white wormers,” which are not good to use during pregnancy.  And so we will have to decide how to treat them if this is a reality.  Just another hurdle to pass.  I am not overly concerned about this group’s health, they are very active and are eating well.

And so it goes.  We are almost ready to get a tarp on the greenhouse that we set up awhile ago, and hopefully it will be the kidding house.  That’s the plan, anyway!  There is always a plan…


5 thoughts on “That’s the plan”

  1. Can they wait for treatment until after giving birth if tapeworms are present? seems like there are so many things to worry about. How did the bread turn out? We had dim sum today for a birthday lunch, so no cooking!

  2. Hi Kim,
    I don’t know if we can wait. That’s a good question. We want the mamas to get as much nutrition as possible, particularly now that at least 4 of them are in the last 6 weeks. If tapeworms are sucking the best of the feed out of them, it could be a problem.

    The bread came out great, but I went by the recipe’s note on internal temperature to test for doneness, and it was right on target at 65 minutes, but it’s very wet. Next time I will bake it a little longer. It’s delicious, though, and great for toasting. Your dim sum sounds wonderful!

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