It’s been a crazy week! We finally have all of our blood and fecal test results back. (The fecals came back 24 hours after the lab received them, so I am not complaining). The lab that was working on the CL testing was backed up from the holidays, and we took our turn in the queue.

Betsy, Saffron and Battie get working on breakfast
Betsy, Saffron and Battie get working on breakfast

Anyhow, all the bloodwork is negative for Johne’s, CL, Brucellosis, and CAE. These new goats came from a farm where the older goats had all been tested, but you can never be too sure, and I am glad to have had the testing taken care of.

The fecal results came back and surprised me quite a bit! Our 4 new goats are almost as worm-free as any ruminants I have ever encountered.  I had sent in samples from Pippi and Saffron, two of our older group, and they turned out to have higher worm counts than the other 4. No tapeworm, either. We do Famacha checks fairly regularly, and I had noticed that Pippi and Saffron were a little less than perfect in the mucous membrane color department, so I am glad that we sent in the samples. (Famacha only gives an idea about the stomach worm, haemonchus contortus, but that is the one that kills the fastest).  So I do not have to worry about the wormer that we should not use during pregnancy.  That will be our big gun after each mom kids.

Beezus, Pippi and Fergus at the feeder they like best
Beezus, Pippi and Fergus at the feeder they like best

Those 4 girls will be dewormed tomorrow, and hopefully we will be introducing our two groups together shortly.  The greenhouse is yet to be covered, but plans got a little derailed earlier this week.  We are still moving forward.  As we get closer to the due dates of our first 4, I am adjusting feed as well.

And so it goes. All the rain we had the other day is now crunchy ice, better than a skating rink, but there.  This winter has not delivered normal winter weather yet, very much like last year. Not a trend I was hoping for!


3 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Betsie, Saffron and Battie sure look beautiful in their light brown coats. Are those Guernsey goats? Good luck with the weather. Glad your ice has chunked up some too.

  2. I’ve been,thinking about you. It appears you are doing fine, sorry about hip bursitis. Email me.

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