It’s finally feeling as though we are really getting into some longer days.  1.25 hours so far is not too shabby!  More daylight certainly gives me a bit of a boost.  And Pippi the doe is definitely happy to have some snow on the greenhouse, as she prefers to eat snow to drinking water.  Go figure!

Finishing up dinner
Finishing up dinner

Today I was putting together my (hopefully) last list of items I need to order for kidding.  My birthing box is clean and restocked, and now I am just waiting on the vet to answer a question about dosages for Tetanus Antitoxin, so I will be ready for disbudding.  I have not always been on target with this, but I am trying to be more organized this year, what with 9 does pregnant (or so I believe).  Even though the moms will have had their CD&T vaccines within a month before kidding, it’s not always right on the money.  And most vets are recommending a Tetanus Antitoxin shot at the time of the disbudding, just in case.  It gives coverage for 7-14 days, which is almost enough to get them to their CD&T at 4 weeks old (which has a long-acting Tetanus component to it).

Tracks around the favorite goat toy, the Big Rock!
Tracks around the favorite goat toy, the Big Rock!

Two of our girls are looking a little closer to kidding than any of the others.  Delta, one of the new girls, and Betsy, our doeling from last March.  It’s going to be close to see who gets there first, but my money is on Delta.  I detect a slight puffiness in the vulva, and she has a little udder started.   And so tomorrow we are scheduled to get the plywood end on the back of the newly covered greenhouse.  (Not really much of a construction project, just going to tie two sheets of plywood to the galvanized panel for a better windbreak… but that means drilling.  I love the battery-powered drill!).  And the tarp will overhang the plywood for a nice, tight fit.  Always a work in progress.

Tonight we are expecting to see some snow coming in, and it’s supposed to keep it up until early Wednesday morning, when rain and/or sleet is scheduled.  After our little plywood project, it might be a nice day to do some knitting!


6 thoughts on “Preparing”

  1. i SO LOVE reading all these small details, the plywood, the puffiness, the maybe bagging…just love it, Nina. It makes me look FORWARD to the Move that i will make that will take me to breeding and kidding again because that’s the name of the game with Goats…

  2. I wonder if Pippi gets an ice cream headache..ha. 9 will be a large group. I suppose you will be selling the Guernsey kids to new homes?

  3. Thanks, Grace! I am so glad to hear that you are contemplating breeding again. It’s a big step, to be sure, but there is nothing like seeing those little ones dancing around.

  4. I wondered if Pippi got a bong in her head as well, Kim! I wish that I could say that we will only have 9 kids. 9 does are pregnant, and we typically have twins. I am hoping for singles all around, myself! And yes, I would like to sell some of the offspring. I definitely can’t keep them all!

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