Blizzard 2017

Looking out the living room window to the west, where the almost 5' tall Rugosas are looking like dwarves in the drifting snow
Looking out the living room window to the west, where the almost 5′ tall Rugosas are looking like dwarves in the drifting snow

Has definitely been here.  It’s almost gone, but the work entailed in dealing with it is going to take at least another day.  What a mess.

Greenhouse snow caves
Greenhouse snow caves.  Our fences appear to be getting shorter as well!

It certainly is a beautiful, white world out there, and the snow is light, but when 2 feet of it falls in such a short time, it’s not so light to remove :*)  We will deal better tomorrow with the paddocks, but for now the goats are fine in their houses, which really are looking more like snow caves tonight.  Even the metal donkey shelter (portahut) is covered in snow, as it’s so high up the sides, the stuff on top had nowhere to go.  I don’t know how much snow the wind will shift tonight, as it is roaring again out there, with 30-40 mph gusts.

Stuff this deep is really a struggle for me to get through as I am so short.  But I have to say that the goats are doing well, and when we showed up at 3 this afternoon for the supper run, Pippi broke a trail through to the new greenhouse, where she knew the grain would be offered.  She actually almost knocked me down going past.  Fergus, however, stopped to jump up and say hello, and see if he could get my hat from me before I noticed.  Not a chance, Fergus!

Ut oh, you can't change direction on a path that narrow!
Ut oh, you can’t change direction on a path that narrow!

Most of the photos I took look like nothing but white, with a few higher white things sticking up here and there.  But it was a doozy, and we are supposed to be seeing a storm Wednesday night into Thursday that could bring another 6+ inches.  I truly hope not!


8 thoughts on “Blizzard 2017”

  1. Woah! That is really something seeing the goats head out into that narrow snow path. Yikes! Good luck with your plowing. I was able to get some done last night when I noticed the snowfall was slowing down. Thank goodness. I think I will need another day to get it all shifted. We too are expecting more tomorrow and Wednesday BUT have you noticed the weather forecast for the weekend? Ours is predicting temperatures well above freezing for a number of days. Thinking I will not pile the snow up into banks as it will thaw better left spread out. Perhaps?

  2. Okay, at some point snow becomes an insulator, perhaps. Wow, walking through that must be tough. Snowshoes?

  3. I have trouble with snowshoes, although maybe if I got poles it would be better. We are digging out the giant snowblower that my husband bought a year ago, and it’s too big for me to handle. So the men are going to have to take a crack at it. I wish we had a place to spread out the snow… we are running out of room! Gah.

  4. Walking through it is tough. We even had been out breaking through the snow halfway through the storm, but it wasn’t good enough. This is a tough one! More on the way Wednesday night. This is definitely a head-banger!

  5. Wow!! We (central Illinois) haven’t had a blizzard since 2014 and that’s okay with me. I love snow days and hot chocolate, but like you, the aftermath is a lot of hard work! Good luck.

  6. It certainly is a winter wonderland, and In central Maine, we might get a foot more tomorrow. We shall see! Good luck with the clean-up. We are having the same issues. Throw the snow high!

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