Winter wonderland

Drifts and piled up snow out near the goat paddocks
Drifts and piled up snow out near the goat paddocks.  We are running out of places to put the snow!

I love the winter in most ways.  But 60″ of snow in a 10 day period is a little nuts!  We didn’t get the 1 foot last night that we were forecast to get, so I am very appreciative of that (we just got about 6 or 7″, but it’s heavy stuff).  And so it goes.

Trees between the house and the goat pens
Trees between the house and the goat pens

The sun was out for a good portion of the afternoon, and it was a blessing.  It was a pleasure to spend some time with the goats, and all is well with them.  I am still watching Betsy, Delta and Eleganza like a hawk, but there does not seem to be any forward movement on their status.  They have developed small udders, and some days their bellies look like they have dropped, and some days they do not, and there is a tiny bit of vulva swelling, but not what it should be.  So things are percolating, but not quite done yet.  It’s a long road when you do not have any idea of due dates, so we will just keep doing what we are doing.  The late night checks continue on.  They got their CD&T shots, so everything is good to go.

View of the pigeon loft across the work area in front of the goat paddocks.
View of the pigeon loft across the work area in front of the goat paddocks.

The goaties are also getting used to the drill of having narrow pathways between their greenhouse areas.  This weekend we are supposed to be having some 40F weather, so perhaps some of this will melt.  Maybe we can also push some snow off of the paddocks to get them a little more room.  Pregnant does need their exercise, and right now it’s not an optimal situation, although I notice a lot of running to and from on what I call the train tracks, as they jostle and chase each other one way and then the other.  And so we will wish for continued clear weather!


10 thoughts on “Winter wonderland”

  1. love so much how you just take it in stride. Maybe, not your favorite,
    but oh well, good enough. This is so good for me to watch. Thank

  2. Not much we can do about it, although the other day when I was trying to get through 2 feet of snow, I had the urge to weep for a minute or two there! It really helps to have two men in the house.

  3. Those are incredible pictures … both on screen and in your words. That is a heapin’ dose of snow. Hopefully the warm weekend will help to melt a lot of it away … or better still let it just sublimate so you don’t have all the water to deal with. Good luck with your paddocks!

  4. Thanks. I hope we can deal with it well. But frequently we get the melt running down into the area where we access the paddocks, and it turns into an ice slick. Maybe we will get lucky this time!

  5. Glad to read the goats are well. We do indeed have a lot of snow. Almost feels like an old-timey winter in Maine 🙂 (I grew up in central Maine.)

  6. Yes, indeed it does feel like some of the winters from my childhood, even in Northern NJ! This weekend should be lovely and sunny which will be nice for a change :*)

  7. Yes, yes! A nice change. Clif and I will be at a craft fair with our book and cards. It will be nice to be out and about. Best to those goats!

  8. The copious, deep snow is one thing I do not miss about living in the northeast! Good luck with all the girls, and monitoring them under these snowy weather conditions. I hope it does warm up for you soon, but also hope it does not turn all this snow to ice.

  9. Thanks, Lavinia! The sun is out now and it helps a lot. I hope we don’t get too fast a melt as well, as the ice factor returns as you say. The days are getting longer, it’s so much fun to still have daylight after 5 PM now!

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