Sun-filled winter Saturday

todayIt was a really beautiful day today.  I drove down the driveway this afternoon and sat in the car with the window open, my face to the sun.  And I could feel the luscious heat of it, such contentment.

It got up to the high 30s today so we have had some melting.  But the sun was the real news, and it just never stopped.  A real joy to be outside.  The goats were in and out all day, running back and forth between the greenhouses, and that is about it.  The sum of today was sun and almost warm temperatures.

Edna wants to know what's up!
Edna wants to know what’s up!

The pregnant girls are progressing slowly.  Betsy’s backside looks a little pinker today, and her udder is larger than it was yesterday.  So the late night and early morning checks continue, and we shall see.  At the beginning of every kidding season I agonize over all the little signs, and by the time a few of the girls have kidded we are just in take-it-as-it-comes mode.  The first is always a nail-biter!

Sun on the snow
Sun on the snow

I am going to have to do a little dance next weekend, as it is the yearly NETA Spa Knit and Spin weekend in Freeport, and as I am one of the planners, I am supposed to be there.  So we shall see what happens with the early due girls, and if I am in Freeport and something is happening, I am not very far away, 50 minutes, perhaps.  But still, if I think anything is percolating, I will be here for the duration.   My goatie babies are the most important thing for me.

It’s school break this week, so I get to spend some extra time with my grandson.  We will be having some fun in the next few days, along with picking up a load of hay.  For a good time, it’s here on the farm!


3 thoughts on “Sun-filled winter Saturday”

  1. We’re anxiously awaiting twin kids from our first ever goat Alice. It is a very exciting time in our house. Our children are on school break also so it would be nice if they arrived sooner than later so they can have more time with the babies. I hope yours safely before your knitting weekend so you can be there without any wonder or worry. Enjoy the warm sunshine!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! I hope your Alice has an easy time of it and things go well. Baby goats are so much fun I am sure your children will really enjoy them!

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