Delta’s turn

Delta and #1 and #2
Delta and #1 and #2

So, as luck would have it, Delta had her kids yesterday around midday.  The coldest and windiest day of the year.  Woo hoo!

They are beautiful twinnie twin girls.  I can’t believe how perfect they are.  They both weighed in at exactly 6.75 lbs, and a few hours later I took their temperatures to make sure they were keeping warm, and they both had the same temp, 102.3F.  Amazing!  We don’t have names for them yet, so we are calling them #1 and #2.  Sam is threatening to name them Peepee and Poopoo if we don’t come up with anything.  Oy.

Because they were born on a truly ugly day and we just couldn’t get them dry enough with towels and with mama’s ministrations, we ended up borrowing some lamb sweaters from friends and used the hair dryer on them just around sundown last night.  All four of our girls are nursing well, so they did fine, but these two smaller girls had it all against them, so I really think the sweaters made a big difference.  I am going to have to make some, although I never breed for this time of year, but these girls were not a planned addition to the farm, so we take what we get!  So far so good, they are all lively and chatty.

Counting the hours until the gale force winds die down, probably during the night tonight.  It can’t be soon enough!

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9 thoughts on “Delta’s turn”

  1. They are so beautiful! Baby goats always seem to be smiling to me. Good job with the sweaters. The wind has died down here now. Hope the same has happened for you.

  2. Adorable! What a great idea about the sweaters. Hope it warms up soon for you and the babies.

  3. Such adorable babies!!! Were these ladies bred to a guernsey buck that is unrelated to your other does?

  4. Hi Melissa,
    The does that are kidding right now were bred at Ardelia Farm. I am still waiting on paperwork, but they would have been bred to one of their cousins.

  5. Hello, I have sent you an email. Interested in golden Guernsey goat. Would like to learn more about them and wondering if you will have any does or doelings for sale?

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