Betsy comes home

Betsy’s little boo boos (we call Betsy Boo Boo all the time)

Phew!  Betsy and two live babies have joined us back on the farm.  The vet called yesterday afternoon to say that nothing was happening yet, but could she call us at any time of the night in case we needed to make further decisions.  (That was a bit of a nail-biter to take off to bed).  She also told us that after they give the drugs to induce labor the average time is about 30 hours, so we knew it was possible to be between 10 PM and midnight.

Betsy’s doe is quite a girl!

Midnight came and went, and every time I awoke and checked the clock I thought, awesome Betsy, you hang on for some warmer temperatures!  Anyhow, at 6 AM the vet called and let us know that she had pulled two live kids, one doe and one buck, at 11:30 last night.  They are doing fairly well, although the buckling may have had some ataxia (oxygen depravation), and he was the one they were watching.  But we were free to come and liberate them!

Betsy’s buckling in a food coma. He also has some trouble with his leg coordination right now

And so we toodled to Monmouth and picked up Betsy and kids.  The vets had gotten them started on bottles, with Betsy’s colostrum mixed with milk replacer, because they needed sustenance right away, and also because nursing two kids is not going to be to Betsy’s advantage.  She had gotten very thin in the last few weeks and she needs all her strength for herself, not to put into making milk.  The little doe is very vociferous and takes the bottle well, but the buck wants nothing to do with the bottle.  He just wants mama!  He will be our challenge.  Luckily I planned ahead and milked Eleganza and saved quite a bit of her colostrum, and also a few quarts of her milk.  That will definitely help us along here.

It is so bitterly cold that when we got them home, I relented and borrowed a friend’s heat lamp.  Betsy doesn’t have the resources to keep herself warm enough, let alone the babies.  They are all nestled up together under the lamp tonight, and the buckling must be getting enough to eat because his temperature is over 102.  But as with everything else, we will keep checking and deciding how to proceed.

The weather service claims that the windchill advisory will be over first thing in the morning.  I really hope that is true!  This is inhuman.  I don’t know how folks manage to live in the tundra regions.  Mind-numbing wind is a force to be reckoned with, for sure.  I can’t say that I am looking forward to a foot of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if it’s in the high 20s, I will live with it, happily :*)  (I may need to remind myself of this as we are so quick to forget, and everything is relative, right?).

20 thoughts on “Betsy comes home”

  1. am here. with Betsy and her Ones…the little buckling, you and your Man as you GO, All doing their BEST…which varies and will have
    varied results, maybe, but doing the Best possible with what is
    Thank you for this post, it helps my Heart, love, grace

  2. Hurray for Betsy! Twins are hard work. 🙂 I hear you–really cold temperatures just suck the energy right out of me–I got tired and hungry fast. We have had some difficult temps here in Winnipeg the last few days (-25F) and it requires a lot of layers and limited time outside. I am very grateful for our good old fashioned boiler, too, our heat is really good indoors. To be honest, my dogs have gotten old and we skip the dog walk when the temps are that nippy. It got a tiny bit warmer this AM though, so we three took our walk. The dogs had fun. My end of the leash was ready to come home quickly, though!

  3. J > Most winters D and I hanker after some snow: it looks nice of course (at first), and we could do with some proper cold to kill off some of the nasty bugs out there (not least ticks). But the truth is that when we have had long-lasting snow or deep deep frost, we tire of it very quickly. It makes for such hard work – everything seems to take five times longer (except falling down!). Hopefully Betsy’s wee boy pull through okay.

  4. I am sooo glad that everything is going so well with Betsy and those beautiful babies–we are thinking of you and praying for warmer weather for you and all the babies–
    enjoy the moments, di

  5. That little doe is beautiful! Best to Betsy and family. Did you go to Annabessacook Vets? If so, then you were only a few miles from where we live.

  6. Hi Laurie,
    Yes, ABC vets it was. They have a very nice and experienced staff. I never realized how close it is, really. An hour from us. (Although all bets are off in tourist season!).

  7. Great news to read about Betsy and the Boo Boos! I’m just catching up on news. Our granddaughters have been with us for a few days. Hectic but fun! I hope the little buckling is doing well. Hang on … we’ve just been reading about that storm warning. Seems to be staying just south of us. But the wind!! Holy smoley! Good thing this is March. It has to warm up some time soon!

  8. Thanks, Lavinia! A foot sounds like a lot, but after the last one that dumped about 4′ in one storm, I am thinking it won’t be so bad (I hope!).

  9. On our bike rides, Clif and I often go past ABC vets. I understand they are the vets to go to if you have farm animals.

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