Tuesday, beautiful weather and more kids

Hagrid, resting by the feeder

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, for sure.  We had a visit from the vet to try and get our three babies from last week disbudded, but their horn buds were too big already.  That’s a disappointment, because I don’t like horns in my herd, but it’s possible that there are folks out there that will be fine with two Guernsey does with horns.  Our half Lamancha/half Guernsey boy, Hagrid, (he was the giant baby born last week to Pippi), may be desirable to someone as well.  He is a real sweetie!  On the plus side, she took care of Jingle the Donkey’s yearly exam and her vaccines, so it was not a wasted trip.

Edna and her new babies

Two of the does that we got in December are the ones that were still holding out as of this morning, even though they have looked like they would explode if you touched them, for the last few weeks.  Today at 11 we went out to check on everyone, and then I ran to a friend’s house to pick up a few things.  While I was there, about noontime, I got a text telling me that Edna had twins and they were up and cleaned off already!  It’s a buck and a doe, and they are doing well.  Edna is a good mom, and they are hunkered down and happy in the new greenhouse.  Edna ate more this afternoon than she has eaten in a week!

Edna and her little doe (I think!)

And so now Dorcas is the last holdout.  I know the full Pink Moon was at it’s height at about 2 AM this morning, but it will probably still look full tonight if the clouds have not moved in yet.  And so, who knows?  We may have more goat babies tonight.  You just never know.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday, beautiful weather and more kids”

  1. Hi Lavinia,
    Tesser the Chihuahua is doing well, although she is not happy about the house goat! She has her good eating days, and her not so good eating days, and I think they all even out in the end. But being 15 is a challenge, I would say! Thanks for asking.

  2. On the horns, last week on Cecilia’s blog there was a person who mentioned that testicle bands could be used for horns if they aren’t caught quickly enough at birth. It was suggested for Roxie, the new heifer that she has. Just a thought. The new kids looks great and I had to laugh at Hagrid, perfect name.

  3. Thanks for putting forward the comment from Celia’s blog about the castration bands. I have done some reading on it in the past, not sure I am up to monitoring that situation, especially as the flies will be coming in force in the next few weeks. If I knew someone who was using that method, I might think about it more seriously!

    Ah yes, Hagrid is a big galumpky! But he’s adorable and getting friendlier every day.

  4. Hi there. I just wanted to write in and say that I would be very interested in the doelings with horns. We are hoping to start our own small breeding program with Guernseys and would also be looking for an unrelated buckling or buck. Please feel free to contact me at jess.visnesk@gmail.com. Thank you and happy finale to kidding season!

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