Dorcas wraps it up

I really meant to do this on Wednesday evening, but here at the end of the kidding season I am dragging!  But, it’s finally over!!!

One of the Dorcas girls working on breakfast

Dorcas had her two nice-sized doelings on Wednesday around 6 PM.  She is usually very focused at the grain feeder, (a goat who will not walk away until all the grain is spoken for), so when she ate only a bit during afternoon chore time and then walked away,  I had a feeling she was close. While I was making dinner, Sam kept going out to check on her, and voila, there they were!  Two beautiful doelings.

Dorcas’ first doeling

I still have not gotten over the late nights and the early mornings, and there is always so much to do that I have not caught up yet.  Yesterday we took Peanut and Edna’s two babies up to the more local vet that we use, and she disbudded them.  Now I just have to keep checking Dorcas’ babies to see if they will turn out to be polled, or if they grow horn buds.  We shall see.  I know Dorcas is naturally a polled girl, but it doesn’t always work out perfectly.

Dorcas is shedding her fine, furry undercoat

And so it goes!  Today is not excessively warm, but the sun is strong and shining.  Fence repair is on the list, and then some shifting of equipment to make things easier for milking, both in the house and outside.  Right now I am milking Saffron and Battie in the morning, so that I have food for little Peanut.  I also have to milk Betsy since her babies have moved on, but I will commence drying her off soon so that I can get feed into her that does more than just go to the production of milk.  Battie and Saffron’s babies are really getting big, so I am surprised that I am getting the milk I am getting, since it means sharing it with their growing offspring!

Sweet Dorcas

So it is a beautiful Friday and I am ready to get back outside.  Hope everyone is enjoying the day!


8 thoughts on “Dorcas wraps it up”

  1. Congratulations on all your beautiful new kids. Good Passover to you and yours! Including Peanut. Dorcas looks like a good mamma goat.

  2. Thanks, Kim! Everyone seems to be doing well. I will be glad when they are all out in the paddock with their babies. Happy Spring holidays to you as well, whichever you celebrate!

  3. So glad your season is ‘over’ (even if there is always one of another kind just around the corner). Glad to hear Peanut is doing well. I have so much more appreciation of your lovelies now that I’ve spent some time with the goats of our neighbours! I am curious about how much roaming space you have for your goats?

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Glad you are getting to know those cute goats of your neighbor. I don’t have as much space for the goats as I would like… we have 20 acres but most of that is wooded. In front of the house we have a couple of acres ant then beyond that we have 4 paddocks, 3 of which I can open up to each other, and 2 greenhouses that I divide up as needed. I’d like to be able to let the girls roam the woods, but it can’t be those that I am milking because there is a bit of poison ivy out there! I know they would clean it up, but I am sure I would be the lucky recipient of the poison ivy as well! So we are working on making their space bigger. I don’t know how to quantify how big their areas are. If I count the 16 foot panels, I could make a guess. I guess one of the paddocks is roughly 50′ X 40, and there are two more like that, and another much larger paddock where the donkey and the buck usually live.

  5. That sounds like lots of space. We have poison ivy in some spaces here too. I can only imagine what your hands would end up being like!! Yikes!

  6. They are all beautiful kids, Nancy. Glad to hear all are doing well! Enjoy the weekend! 🙂

    We’re getting sun here today after a mix of rain, sleet, wind and clouds yesterday. A good day to work outside! It’s supposed to hit 60 here today, and the cherry trees are in bloom.

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