Peanut and the herd

Peanut the house goat is plotting a leap onto my lap!

The past week has flown by and I just have not gotten my blog mojo on!  Tired at night in this drizzly, grey weather.  Dealing with a house Peanut is also keeping us busy, as all her systems are on green light, and I cannot seem to keep the diapers on her.  So we are constantly cleaning up while she is in the house.

Busy moms and babies in the greenhouse

We are trying to get our little goat integrated into the herd of babies and mamas, but it has presented its challenges.  She seems to do fine when the youngest of the babies are out playing and she fits right in with them.  The older ones can be a little pushy, and the moms mostly have no use for her and if she is not careful, they can do some damage.  Yesterday it poured all day, so we only had her out during chore times.  This morning she came out at chore time and we left her up there, but it turned damp and raw, and we found her kicked out of the greenhouse, huddled up by the fence shivering, late in the morning.  So we brought her in for an hour to have her bottle, then got her back up there.  The temperature has improved, even if the grey skies have not.

A napping Peanut

So we are hoping for some slightly warmer weather, but it looks unsettled with rain and fog on and off for the next week.  The weekend, however, looks like a winner!  We shall see.  I am not anxious for the blackflies, but it will be nice to see the sun again sometime, with some slightly warmer temperatures!  Spring in Maine, never a dull moment.  (Or maybe many dull moments with a few grateful sightings of the sun!).  And until then, we will keep getting our Peanut out with the others and watching carefully.  We have had house goats and lambs in the past and I know they get out there into the mix in the end.  It just feels like forever!



5 thoughts on “Peanut and the herd”

  1. That is a very sweet photo of Peanut napping!

    Our weather has been unusually cool and wet here, too. The trend over the last decade has been warmer and drier, but not so far this year.

  2. Poor little Peanut! She’ll be accepted at some point, I’m sure, but it sounds as though it’s rough going. As for the weather…spring in Maine is a fitful affair. I never knew how glorious spring could be until I left the state when I went to college.

  3. Yes, spring isn’t Maine’s finest hour! And yes, I think Peanut will do ok eventually. It’s just one of those judgment calls on how soon to leave her out there full time. We will work it out!

  4. Nova Scotia weather is very similar to Maine – warm weather one minute, cold & wet the next. It’s hard for young animals to deal with. Hopefully, you’ll get Peanut out of the house soon. It’s a good job baby animals are so darn cute, but even that wears off pretty quickly when they’re sharing your house.

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