Traveling ‘Nut

Roof window revealed

Yes, we were on the road with our little Peanut yesterday.  It was a mostly nice day, I hated to be in the car all that time, but the pigeons needed some feed, and that is not available around here.  Usually some of our pigeon club friends go in together on an order, and someone with a truck goes down to southern Maine to do the pickup for all of us.  But we seemed to be alone in our need, so I took a ride.  (I also needed to make two stops in South Portland, so it was a slightly more efficient trip overall!)

Peanut was a great companion on the ride.  We covered the back seat of the Subaru with three layers of doubled-over towels, and put her little plastic sleeping tub on its side on one end of the seat.  She loved it!  I wish we had been able to leave her home to romp in the sunshine (mostly) with the others, but there was no one home to give her bottles.  So off we went.

She behaved very well and seems to have enjoyed the time with us.  Of course, why wouldn’t she?  She doesn’t know she’s a goat!


11 thoughts on “Traveling ‘Nut”

  1. My grandmother had a chihuahua named Peanut…much the same color as your Peanut. Road trips with a goat, that’s a new one. Good times. What book did you listen to while you were driving? I hope Peanut like the genre you chose. ha Did you take her into the feed store?

  2. Hi Kim,
    We listened some to Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper! I think Peanut appreciated it! No, we didn’t take her into the store (it’s a Taylor Rental business where the owner is a pigeon racer too, so he stocks feed for all of us pigeon nuts!). It was actually an enjoyable day.

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