No sun yet

Bobbin full of single ply Romney/silk yarn

It feels like it’s been forever since we saw the sun.  For a moment or two this morning the sky brightened, but in the end it just led to more clouds.  The temperature feels like it is inching up, though, which is definitely a plus!

2-ply skeins of the Romney/silk

On these gloomy days I have been catching up on herd paperwork, and doing some plying.  I have spun up quite a bit of my backlog, but I hate to ply, so I frequently put that off until I can’t find another empty bobbin to put on the wheel.  I know, silly!

While spinning, I have been listening to Susan Cooper’s Dark is Rising sequence audiobooks, and am on the 2nd one, The Dark is Rising.  I read this and the prequel, Over Sea, Under Stone, many years ago, but am enjoying it again.  I had never read farther into the series, though, so I am looking forward to the others as well.  Susan Cooper is a wonderful author who has written more than just this series, one of my favorites being The Boggart.  I am not a serious fan of heavy duty fantasy, but the battle between The Dark and The Light in many of her books is a timeless theme, and she does it very well, with believable, complex characters.  It also helps that these books take place in some pretty dramatic places, like Cornwall!

Peanut with her morning bottle

Peanut is continuing to do well, staying outside all day with the others, and coming in about dark.  She hasn’t made the transition to a three bottle a day schedule yet, but I think she is close.  She knows where to go when she wants a nap, and plays hard with the others when she wants.  I don’t fear for her safety with the others, but we will wait until after the Mother’s Day rain deluge to leave her out at night.

Oh my, I can see a slice of blue sky in the distance!  Shocking!



8 thoughts on “No sun yet”

  1. D > I just love the colours of your yarn. Plying is less satisfying than spinning : it lacks the transformative element, and the uncertainty too: it’s a necessary, important but tedious task. Even so, the quality of the plying contributes at least as much to the overall character and quality of he finished yarn as anything else. J and I are considering buying an electronic spinner specifically for plying: we have an Ashford electric spinner – which J uses for spinning, but it is annoyingly​ slow for plying. Any suggestions for a fast electric spinner?

  2. We got to see some sunshine today! It has been so scarce that our news station did a special segment on people’s reaction to seeing it FINALLY come back! It is especially poignant to those who have been suffering with the severe flooding this spring. Thanks for the shot of Peanut. My she is going to be a beautiful doe!

  3. I know, it’s been crazy! We actually did see a little bit of sun the other day, but after this rain heads out on Monday afternoon, things are looking mighty good for us for awhile. It’s about time!

  4. Lovely yarn! Being a fantasy lover, I am a huge fan of Susan Cooper. Such a good writer. And yay for Peanut! She is thriving.

  5. D > Isn’t Peanut so cute! I find it’s such a pleasure spinning listening to the radio. Like you, J likes to spin to an audio book. Music’s not such a good idea – it affects the rythm of the spinning!

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