Peanut lounging in one end of the old greenhouse this morning

But surely spring is showing itself to us.  The end of this past week was very warm, unnaturally so, but this weekend has been mostly sunny and breezy, with more normal temperatures in the 60s (F).

Battie’s beautiful girl watches from the back of the greenhouse

As the leaves are finally popping out, we have been moving toward making the new greenhouse more amenable in the warmer weather.  We already removed all the sectioning panels that we had up during the kidding months, and Sam cleaned out all the old straw, hay and debris.  The last of the ice that was lingering under all those layers of straw is finally gone!  It’s a big, wide open space now so the girls can find a spot with their babies without getting nudged by someone else.

Open greenhouse gable end, difficult to see properly

The only thing left to do, however, was to figure out when it would be advisable to take the plywood off the driveway gable end of the greenhouse.  That end was totally closed off, which is the north side, so it was a huge help during the winter.  But now it is becoming important to get some air moving through there, so Sam took it down on Friday.  It has made a big difference, and I am glad, it was time!  I am not a fan of really hot, humid weather, but when it does come, at least we will have about as much air circulation as possible.  The goats seem to appreciate it, and our Peanut has another vantage point from which to watch for our approach!  She is using it well :*)

Baby pile in the morning sun

I was able to sneak up on her this morning and get a photo after she had her bottle and was lounging next to another baby pile.  They were all happy and dozing in the sun.


8 thoughts on “Slowly”

  1. have been watching all along and am SO RELIEVED that Peanut’s story came out this way…
    you did a great great job and so does your herd, being so easy with her. Not sure this Nigerian Herd would do the same. It has been inspiring and encouraging watching it all through the cold months.
    We still wait here, and i am beginning to be able to imagine these Goats THERE, at the new place. Being able to breed a couple or few and have little ones again. Goats are the one thing so Worth Doing.
    Thank you for all this, Nina

  2. I second that relief at seeing Spring establish a foothold! Our leaves are now starting to even take on their shapes and when you look into the woods you see a wall of green. Hurray! Such a lovely shot of Peanut curled up in the baby pile. 😉 Little Grey went on to his forever home this morning. The season is progressing … PS What is in the picture at the top of your blog today?

  3. Thanks, Grace! I love your goats and hope you can breed again once you have made your move. Big excitement there, and I do hope the move goes smoothly. Your stunning landscape in New Mexico is so amazing, I hope that the California surroundings serve you well!

  4. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks. I am glad to hear that Little Grey went to his new home. You did a great job with him, and he will have a great life. So glad your spring is progressing about the way ours is!

  5. Let’s hear it for spring and for Peanut, who looks as though she is thriving. Yay!!!!

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