Guernsey doelings for sale

Twig on the left, Ivy on the right

I have finally made my last decisions on the girls.  I am keeping Peanut the house goat and one other doeling, Twig.  All the rest need to find new homes!

If anyone is interested, or if you know of someone interested, I have listed them on the blog tab above.


3 thoughts on “Guernsey doelings for sale”

  1. Nina!!!…my heart stopped beating!!!!! at first i thought you meant
    that you would have only 2 Goats, these two doelings and sell all
    the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but then…oh, i began breathing again. Ok and yes. and i know
    you will find people for the others…they are such fine creatures
    and come from such a fine herd.

    so…peanut and twig. Nice. I smile.

  2. Thank you Grace! I am not ready for only two goats yet, but I admit I can see that happening some day. No, I will still have a few more goats than I should, but one of my Lamancha does is getting old and I don’t know how many more years she can breed. And so it goes!

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