August already!

Peanut, helping herself to the chair

It’s so easy to say: the summer is just slipping and sliding by.  But it is!  Our crew is getting steadily smaller as the babies go off to their new homes, which is both happy and sad for us.  It’s a lot quieter here, although the wild bird song in the early morning is a joyous racket these days.  And as the peepers have slackened off their singing at night, I have been noticing that the grasshoppers and crickets are beginning to chime in to what I always think of as the end of summer music.  For living out in the woods, we have plenty of nature’s sounds to enjoy!

Poor Twig

Things are ticking along pretty well, with the usual monkey wrench thrown in here and there.  Our pretty little girl Twig had been fighting an eye infection last week, and I thought it was gone, only to have it pop back up again a few days ago.  I do think that Twig has taken the loss of her sister and her two good friends, Saffron’s girls, pretty hard, so it doesn’t totally surprise me that she is a little compromised, but she does still have her mama, so I am not going to actively wean her.  I am getting about 1.5 quarts from Eleganza, her mother, at each milking, so I am not complaining about sharing!

Lots and lots of beautiful milk

As for the milk and the cheese making, it is going great guns here.  Going so hard, I had to freeze some milk late last week so I could take a breather for a day or so!  If my cardiac rehab schedule was not three days a week in Brunswick (which is a ride in the summer traffic), I could alternate days for making more than just chevre.  I did carve out some time to make some Halloumi a week or two back, and it was awesomely good.  We don’t seem to be able to get it around here, so it’s a fun cheese to make from time to time.  And I keep wanting to get going on aging some cheese, but have not quite gotten it together to do so.  I have some plans for that, however, hopefully soon!

Our summer weather has been amazing so far.  Not too many hot and humid days, and lovely cool nights.  Not great for the tomato and eggplant growth, but good for sleeping and enjoying the air.  And so it goes.  I hope everyone is finding something to enjoy this summer!



9 thoughts on “August already!”

  1. The summer is definitely slipping by at a fast clip, Nancy. We are in the hot and dry season here now in western Oregon. It was 102 here on the farm and 105 over in Corvallis where I was most of yesterday. 104 forecast for today. It won’t be long though before autumn is here, the first frost, and I’ll be wishing for warmer weather again.

    Hope little Twig has a speedy recovery from her eye infection.

    Little Peanut has grown! That is a cute photo of her.

  2. Thanks, Lavinia. Good luck with the heat. Those sound like the weather conditions in Israel. When I lived there many years ago I was young enough to manage that kind of heat!

  3. Hi! Good to hear from you! I agree with Lavinia. Peanut looks so cute. What a lovely colour she has grown into. Little Grey is doing well down the road at Heidi’s farm. He now has another little whether to play with. Somehow the ‘cardiac rehab’ slipped by my notice? Hope you are well and soon able to be home seven days a week. Hugs!

  4. Thanks, Wendy. I am doing quite well. Gotta hate it when your body turns on you! So glad to hear that Little Grey is doing well and has a friend. Nice that you can keep up with him!

  5. So glad you are doing well. Peanut is adorable, as always. Hope Twig’s eye infection has gone away for good! Summer does indeed just fly by. Sure wish it would stay a little longer.

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