Turning another corner

The two last doelings of 2017 (with Twig napping in the background)

It is finally the end of the kidding year!  Well, really, just the end of the movement of kids from here to wherever they are going to land in their new homes.  Yesterday, our last two goatie girls, Dorcas’ doelings, left our farm to join a lovely family in New Hampshire.

Older of the two girls

Our first kids were born on March 3rd, and these two girls were born last, on April 12th.  It was a crazy and eventful kidding year, and even though I knew I had to sell these two, I have not been trying very hard!

Younger of the two girls

Awhile back, Dorcas had gone to live at another farm.  The babies were ready for weaning, and Dorcas really needed to be her own herd queen.  I hear that she is very happy with her new situation, and yes, she is in control!  But when she left, and so many of the other kids were leaving, her two girls became even more joined at the hip (they never go anywhere without the other), and they just seemed to be a little lost.  I always feel bad in these situations, but there is not much to do about it, and they did have each other.

It’s a party around the big bale!

I am not sure when it happened, but one day we began to notice that the two girls were always at the feeder near Saffron.  Her babies had found their new homes quite awhile ago, and as the days went by we saw her cuddled up with these two in the morning, together in the field, and almost always together at the hay bale.  They found a surrogate mama, and I am sure Saffron enjoyed the company as well!

Saffron lying by the big rock while the two Dorcas girls play on and around it

It’s always interesting watching the social interactions in groups of farm animals.  There is always something happening that has the ability to surprise.

But now, good bye babies for the year!  Twig and Peanut will be our only hold overs.  Nice to get our feed calculations on a steady course and begin looking forward to next year’s new little ones!


7 thoughts on “Turning another corner”

  1. Very moving! I’ve never thought much about goats and social interaction, but you have certainly made me think about it now.

  2. No, Dorcas lives on another farm in Maine now. She is an awesome goat, but had trouble fitting in here. Our one remaining Lamancha doe, Pippi, continues to be the herd queen for now. Battie the Guernsey is giving her a run for the money, and as Pippi ages, she may be de-throned.

  3. it is interesting….seeing this post, i was suddenly able to “picture”
    the herd here in this desert at the New Place…i was able to
    picture them in a surrounding like yours…among TREES….forage,
    Thank you and may Peace Be as we quiet and then soon enough,
    begin again.

  4. Love the circular route. And we do need Peace to just Be. I agree! I am excited for your move and hope it goes well, although without your beautiful Gideon.

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