Nothing better than a good spreadsheet

Not sure what Pippi means by standing there with her tongue stuck out. Thinking hard about Reddog, perhaps!

When I pulled down the driveway Monday evening on my return from NY Sheep and Wool, I was greeted with the sound of Pippi absolutely bellowing her head off.   My son said that she had been at it all day, and had not really eaten while on the milk stand that morning, just kept trying to go over as close to the boys’ pen as she could get, and mooning about, bellowing.  As I don’t want kids too early in the season, I had been waiting until after the Rhinebeck trip to put the breeding group together.  And so I took the opportunity to get Pippi bred on Tuesday when we moved Twig, Peanut and Betsy to a separate paddock, and moved Reddog in with the 5 moms-to-be.  Jingle the donkey misbehaved badly with the non-breeding group, so we put her in with Hagrid and Fergus the wether.  (Donkeys hate change of any kind, and I think those young girls freaked her out.  She sees them through the fence every day, but she didn’t care for their company at all.  Ah well, it’s a donkey thing).

Reddog is quite the hunky boy!

And so Pippi was a happy camper all day Tuesday.  As it happens, by Wednesday morning it was clear that Saffron was having a good time with Reddog as well!  Now when I sit down at the milk stand in the morning I can have a full dose of buck stink up close and personal.  (Bucks who are courting a doe rub their heads anywhere they can on their intended – and that head has been drenched with all kinds of stinky hormone-filled pee.  Delightful to a doe, not so nice for humans!).

A new spreadsheet makes the coming breeding season seem a little more real!

And so my new spreadsheet has been inaugurated.  First babies due on Friday, March 23, 2018!


10 thoughts on “Nothing better than a good spreadsheet”

  1. i’m glad Pipi felt better. So you’re breeding five ladies this year? Ten-ish kids in late March, early April. Just curious is you’re breeding for a particular result this year, if that makes sense. Did you buy a fleece this year?

  2. Hi Kim,
    I am not really breeding for a purpose, other than to have kids and milk! I probably won’t milk Edna, but I will milk the other 4. That’s about my limit on storage space for milk and time for dealing with it.

    Yes! I bought a Cotswold fleece, very dark charcoal color. Beautiful!

  3. i remember when Red Dog arrived and was a question mark.
    What a very FINE Herd Sire he has become…just
    Beauty Full! I envy you the spring kids…but who knows…maybe
    we will be able to?

  4. I don’t know, Grace, since you will be in California you just might be able to swing it! Don’t Nigerians more than just in the autumn?

  5. Yes, could be overwhelming. And you might want to take the time to make sure they don’t get a load of parasites from being in new conditions. You will know if it’s right!

  6. Planning ahead for spring excitement! On another subject…our daughter went to Bard College, and we fell in love with Rhinebeck. We even visited it a few times after she graduated.

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