4 down, 1 to go

Well, it looks like we have gotten through the storm of Halloween 2017 in one piece.  We were in a little pocket of houses that did not initially lose power last week.  They did shut us down for awhile while they were making repairs, but we got by without the problems most folks in Maine and NH were faced with.  I am extremely grateful, as we are in an area that is almost always hard hit.

And so the breeding has proceeded apace, storm or no!  Four of the girls have been bred by Mr. Stinky Reddog, but Edna has not shown any signs of being in heat yet.  I have my fingers crossed that she will come into heat soon, as I would like to get everyone situated for their winter quarters asap.  Unless I missed her heat and she and Reddog did their thing while I wasn’t looking (very possible), it would seem like she may be the last one to kid again!  What’s up Edna???  I guess we will know in the spring :*)

The only other news is that we have officially decided to sell Reddog the buck.  The friend of mine who owns him with me has not room for him and is concentrating more on her Angora goats now, and I have found a replacement buck with very nice genetics (and no horns!).  I don’t have a big enough operation to keep numerous bucks around.  If anyone is interested, I have a page for Reddog’s particulars.

Reddog the stud muffin

9 thoughts on “4 down, 1 to go”

  1. So glad you didn’t lose your power. We were out for nearly a week. No fun at all! Plus we lost a lot of food. Good luck with those goats.

  2. You might have to give him a bath for interested buyers…ha I hope Edna comes into heat soon.

  3. i remember when he was just an Ify little guy and now this Glorious
    PROVEN buck. I am always sent into a state of ambivilance by
    beauty full horns like that. and thank you for again being a role
    model…he was loved, he did his work, and now he can move on.
    Once in California, this might be how it goes for Sunny Ray and
    Nogal. how it Should go. Daughter is more practical, like you,

  4. Well, if I had more room I would keep him around, but I just can’t. I have another buck coming who has great bloodlines and he is polled, so that is a definite plus! The friend that I bought him with is concentrating more on her Angora goats and has no room for him, so that means he has to move along!

  5. Glad you didn’t lose power! Thankfully our neighbor has a generator so we were able to get water from them for the week and our portable generator kept the fridge and freezer going enough each day so we didn’t lose much! Can’t wait to learn more about your new buck, yahoo! I only saw our buck breed one of our 3 does but none have come back into heat so hoping he took care of it even though he didn’t seem very interested in them when they were in heat! I have him in with them everyday this month just to be sure! Only one kidding would be disasterous! 😛

  6. Glad you had a little help with water during the outage. Water is such a crazy issue if your generator does not run your well pump. Our generator does, but the original one we had didn’t. It’s so hard to know with breeding if a buck does his job by stealth, or really just isn’t motivated. Did he breed for you last year? That would be awful if only one got bred. I can’t tell if Edna got bred or not. I couldn’t tell when she was really in heat, but I never saw her cuddling up with Reddog. We took him out today, which makes everything easier! I don’t want to drag out the kidding season like it was last year, that was awful. Good luck!

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