Peanut’s birthday

Peanut’s first birthday!

Was last Friday, March 30th.  Our little Peanut has really grown up!  We had a tiny little birthday party for her, and even though I made a polenta cake that I thought she would like, she did not.

Peanut, almost 12 hours old

But, what would a party be without a birthday hat???  For Peanut, we couldn’t just use a regular old sparkly cone, we had to give her a princess tiara :*)  Needless to say, she did not like it.  So her photo with the tiara is under protest.  She did enjoy the 4 of us having a lovely time out in the sun and showers.

Homemade limoncello

We also tasted some of my homemade Limoncello, which went very nicely with the polenta cake.  Then we had a wee visit with the Edna’s and Pippi’s babies.  The mud was a challenge for us, but we managed.

I don’t think Peanut was very impressed!


11 thoughts on “Peanut’s birthday”

  1. Happy birthday, Peanut! Has a year gone by already? Wishing you many more happy years in the farmyard.

  2. Happy Birthday Peanut! How well I remember your arrival! I’m glad you are doing so well. Your northern neighbour, Little Grey, also did very well and is just a year old now too. Two success stories! xoxo

  3. Very princess like of her to not like her tiara. She was so lucky to have you on her birth day. I would love some polenta cake!

  4. We can never see too much of Peanut! I love following along here too for a more in-depth story:).

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