A few nice days

Sam, having some fun with the little ones

It was such a treat to have some warmer temperatures, although the wind never seemed to let up.  But the sun was marvelous, and all the mammals on the farm took advantage of it and played and sat in the sunshine.

Back into the colder and more dreary weather.  Tomorrow we may see some snow.  At any rate, it can’t hang around long, I hope!


11 thoughts on “A few nice days”

  1. Oh these pictures look so lovely!! Nice to see them outside. I’m thinking you are likely awash in this current storm too. Spring has to come soon! I’d love to ask you about your fencing. Do you have trouble with ‘escapees’? It looks like you’ve used 2 by 4 inch fencing. Did you have to put anything along the bottom?

  2. We use the 16’ graduated cattle panels, so the very bottom squares are actually closer together than they are toward the middle and the top. I used to have 2 electric wires outside the cattle panels, but have not used them in awhile. We get escapees sometimes where the panels are tied together and the baling twine rots, so we try to stay on top of that. We also tried to wire up most of the joins with the yo-yo and wire twistie things. (They use these for tying rebar together in construction). Where we have green tubular panels as outer fencing we had to put hardware cloth over it down to the ground so the babies won’t get out. On all our gates as well. And yes, Spring must arrive at some point, although here in Maine we have known some years go right from winter into summer, temperature-wise!

  3. Thank you for that background information! I’m always dreaming of a way to keep a couple of goats here with my three jennies. The big issue, of course, is fencing. 😉

  4. Oh your babies are wearing the little coats I was trying to describe to Diane in my Lounge of Comments the other day- can you remember where you got them? It might be easier just to send her a link. Everyone looks lovely in the sun- they have quite the playground! Bet you are glad kidding is over ..

  5. I got those coats from Premier. Now I have them I will copy them and make more for my arsenal. Very simple design. And I am so relieved to have the whole thing over. On to taking care of babies and looking forward to the warmer weather!

  6. Spring is certainly dragging her heels. Or do you think Winter is elbowing her out of the way?

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