Babies in the creep

I do apologize for not having taken the time for some updates and news.  The days just fly past and suddenly another week or month is gone.  The babies are growing like gangbusters, and we are finally, finally getting some reasonable weather, 70F, breezy and sunny.  Playtime out on the big rock may now begin in earnest!

Twig’s little boy

Unfortunately, I have news of the farm.  I struggled with this all late winter and early  spring, and finally have made the decision to let the goats and Jingle the Donkey go.  I can’t even tell you how difficult this is for me, but I am not up to the work anymore, and I don’t think I could manage another winter as icy as this recent one.  I suspect that winters here will continue to get warmer, which will only mean that much more ice for us here on the coast.

I am certainly fine with the day to day chores in the fine weather, but I am falling behind on the real infrastructure maintenance, both physically and monetarily.  I am on a fixed retirement income, and am just managing the hay prices, which keep going up.  (I ran out of hay right around the time the babies were born, and this time of year is not optimal to be buying it as everyone is jacking up the prices to ridiculous levels).  I am hoping that farmers are out making hay this weekend, as we are having a beautiful 4-day stretch of lovely!

Peanut with her new friend

And so awhile back I slowly put the word out that my goats are available, and I have to say that all but one buckling has been spoken for at this point.  Peanut was a particularly special case, as I needed to find her a home where she will not be bred (not easy at all).  But, a friend contacted a friend of hers and Peanut now lives the life of luxury not far from here, on a place where some horses and another adorable goat were rescued.  I have visited her and she is loving life!  Not being pushed around by the older goats here anymore, she is simply best buds with the dwarf goat over there (they have a great view, also!  I am jealous).

I have also found wonderful homes for the other mamas and babies, and Jingle the Donkey is going up to a farm not far from here to live with other donkeys and horses.  A great setting for my lovable girl.

And so it goes.  I have always thought that I would have my goats until I was at least 70, but that may have been wishful thinking!  It took a very long time for me to make the final decision, but in the end I knew that it was the right one.  I can never go anywhere between April and October because of kidding and then milking, so this will allow me to do a little traveling in the good weather, as well as actually having the money to do other things.  (Although I am seriously mourning the loss of that lovely milk and the chevre…)

The mamas and babies will be leaving toward the end of this month or early July.  It’s going to be altogether too quiet around here very soon!




13 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Hello! So sorry that you are losing your babies and moms, pops and Jingle. Life changes, whether we like it or not, and there comes a time when we must concentrate on ourselves and our well-being. So, my dear friend, off to new adventures with a tally-ho! Will you be keeping your blog? Best wishes! Sunny

  2. I am very, very sorry to read about your difficult decision. How heartbreaking it must have been for you. However, our lives change as we age and deal with various realities—health issues and income. And as we change, so do our lives. Best to you going forward. I hope you still plan on blogging about your life in rural Maine. So much to notice. And so much to read during the long winters. 😉 And travel adventures always make for good reading. Anyway…

  3. Hello friend! I met you when you had sheep and were off selling spindles at Maryland Sheep and Wool–and life sure has evolved, for both of us, since then. I know how much you have loved these goats and your donkey, and parting is very hard. However, I hope this also opens you up to new adventures, travel and joys when it is warm out each summer! Also, although this may be premature…you can order lovely Chevre online if you do not have a place to get it nearby. Perhaps the hay bill might be more than buying cheese every now and again…? It is a really amazing and difficult thing to figure out how to leave a party when you’re still having fun…I have always thought the goats sounded so fun! Maybe that is the best way to remember it all. Take care and stay well!

  4. Hi Joanne, of course I remember you! I have been very remiss in commenting on your blog of late. I think my brain has been short circuiting! I know, if I can find a good source of milk every once in awhile I can keep making more chevre as well. And I know that I will find the energy to do more and different things now that will bring me joy. I like the thought of leaving the party while it is still fun! Good thought :*)

  5. I love Joanne’s way of expressing it! I’m sorry to hear of your soul searching winter and spring and elated that you have placed your fur babies so well! I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Hugs!

  6. Nina, somewhere down the line I will be facing the same decision you have made, and it’s going to be tough. I hope it will bring you some small comfort to know that a piece of Ruit Farm lives on at my farm, and all the other farms who have been lucky enough to bring one of your goats home. And from those farms out to other families, and other farms, like ripples on a pond. Thank you for being my passport to Guernsey. 🙂
    I wish you many wonderful adventures ahead.

  7. Thanks so much, Kelly! I am extremely happy to have met so many wonderful people like you through my animals. Farms have a life of their own, and it is a pleasure to think of all my little babus out there making milk and more little ones. And thank you for your well wishes too!

  8. Thank you Laurie. They are not gone yet, but will be in the next month or so. I am enjoying them while they are here, and the good weather certainly helps!

  9. I have enjoyed reading about your farm and the animals over the years, Nancy. I am glad to hear you will keep blogging. All the best to you and your family.

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