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The Pemaquid Peninsula is home to our small sheep and goat farm,
Ruit Farm North. Our now former flock consisted of Coopworth and Border Leicester sheep.  We began raising Lamancha dairy goats about 12 years ago alongside the sheep, and a few years ago we began adding Golden Guernsey dairy goats to the herd as we decided to end our husbandry of sheep (although I have a fiber loft pretty full of some beautiful yarn and roving from our sweeties).  I make lots of goat milk soap and cheese during the milking seasons.

My passion for fiber and making has led me to a lifetime of dabbling in the fiber arts.  I am a spinner, felter, knitter and weaver, as well as a retired school librarian.  But my overriding passion is really for the animals themselves, their everyday care and their amazing companionship!



18 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks so much for your note on my blog! I think-but am not sure… Are you the kind lady who helped me buy a Hatchtown spindle very early one morning at Rhinebeck when I was signing books? If so, I was thinking of you!
    Drop me a line, if so. Love to hear from you via email.
    🙂 Joanne

  2. Hi Nina, Dan Tompkins pointed me in your direction. I, too have dairy goats and make cheese, soap and such things. I am thinking about starting a blog about daily life on our farm. What would be the 2 things you would give for advice?
    Jackie Frost

  3. Hi Nina,
    I am so glad to find you. I spent years raising my children and foster kids on a farm with sheep, mohair goats, angora bunnies, horses, ponies, llamas, an alpaca and all our meat animals. Our kids have grown and we have moved off the farm. My husband is still teaching, but I have retired from teaching. I have lots of time for playing with grandsons, fiber, yarn, dying and spinning. Life is good. But not perfect. I miss my flock of sheep terribly, especially at lambing and shearing time. So I am looking to start a small flock. My old flock was made up of Romneys, Border Liecesters and a few Finn. I would like my new little flock to be Border Leicester and maybe a Finn. Do you sell lambs? Or sheep?…border liecesters?… Or know someone who does?…in Maine or nearby state? My barn and pasture are ready and I am longing for the day this spring when I have some sheep again.
    I love your blog…I can enjoy shepherding varcariously 🙂
    Deb Colson

  4. hi..i had to laugh at your last posting on the new web hosting site..i had been telling Scott how much i liked your web site set up..well i guess i have to wait and see now….i have big demand for cheese down here so if you have any you can ship, i’m happy to pay !!! also am going to send you some alpaca fleece in case you ever get some more days off and some time to spin it..add 10-15% wool withit and it will be beautiful!!! keep warm!!!

  5. Hi there, thanks for visiting Chiconia. I guess you spotted me in the Comments Lounge at the Farmy? It’s amazing how Celi brings people together. Love your blog, and hope you find something to enjoy in mine! Kate

  6. Thanks, Kate! I have been reading your comments on Celi’s blog for a long time and never realized that you have one as well. I love to quilt, but get very little time to do so. Loved reading some of your posts this morning over my coffee! It’s so wonderful to connect with like-minded folks all over the world!

  7. Hello,
    I am ready to purchase a new spinning wheel. I am using an Ashford that I bought 20 years ago and would say I am an experienced , intermediate spinner. Mostly I spin a medium yarn that when plied would be a worsted weight. I see that you have two Jensen wheels. I would love to have your input on these wheels. This is a huge purchase for me and I want to get it right. Also, do you know anything about the Maine made Robin wheel? I so appreciate your time.
    Best regards,
    Amy in NH

  8. Hi Amy!
    I love the Jensen wheels. I know a few folks who have the Robin wheel, but I don’t have much feedback on it. I just know that I adore the Jensen wheels. Jerry Jensen is an artist with wood, and even though he is scaling back, you might be able to score a great wheel!

  9. Hello, I love your beautiful knitting needles and yarn – almost enough to make me wish I could knit! Thank you for visiting Chiconia and Following, I hope the adventures of a quilter, baker and gardener in north Queensland are interesting for you. But then, we’re all sorts over at the Farmy!

  10. Hi Kate!
    I love your blog. I wish I were as accomplished a quilter as you are. I just loved your bookshelf quilt! (Well, being a librarian and all around book-aholic, I guess it makes sense!). I also love hearing about your life in such an exotic spot in the world! Have always wanted to visit Australia and NZ. Don’t see that any time in the near future, however. I agree, Celie does bring together some really interesting folks!

  11. Lovely blog! My partner and I hope to someday have a setup much like yours (possibly even relocating to New England!). I look forward to following your adventures with all those furry and woolly friends. Thank you for taking the time to share your farm life with the rest of us 🙂

  12. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing my recipes and travels with you. Welcome aboard.

  13. Jonathan > What a lovely photo of you both! Today, I’ve been exploring (via Google Earth and Street View, and Wikipedia) your area – Bristol, Pemaquid peninsula, and a little beyond. It’s an area that has much in common with the west coast of Scotland. Extraordinarily, we are much much much nearer to the Arctic, and yet our winters are rarely below freezing, and yet yours are never above freezing! Your summers are much warmer, though! There are similarities between our circumstances – which makes it all the more fascinating to discover and learn from the differences.

  14. I know, it’s crazy what that old Gulf Stream can do! I have wanted to visit your area for many years, and maybe in the near future I will be able to do so. You never know!

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Coopworth Fiber, LaMancha Dairy Goats and Cheese on the Coast of Maine!

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