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Day after the downpours

View at chores this morning
View at chores this morning

The big rains kept right on all last evening. It was insane because we knew that the temperatures were headed down below freezing, so it was not a great surprise when we got up this morning to find everything iced over. The wind must have been strong enough to prevent the ice from coating the trees, but it was something else on the ground!

photo 2 (2)But it was a gorgeous sunrise. I feel like I take the same photos over and over again, but the same view is always just a little different. The day is so clear that the light feels like we are dancing on the edge of Spring. But I doubt it. Just a little bit of a tease.

Goatie conga line, with Jingle bringing up the rear (only I think she is resting her head on SnowPea's back and enjoying the sun!)
Goatie conga line, with Jingle bringing up the rear (only I think she is resting her head on SnowPea’s back and enjoying the sun!)

I took the opportunity of the warmth and the breeze to scrape as much bedding as I could out of the greenhouse the girls use. I love our donkey Jingle to pieces, but she will insist on standing in there and pooping to her heart’s content! During the bitter cold, it was frozen solid to the floor before morning, so I have to take these chances to get that out, along with the dirty and damp straw. I hope that the wind will dry the floor up a little, it’s not wet-wet, but it’s damp and some of the ice in the deep bedding has started to melt. Perhaps the wind will do its thing and help us out a bit before I put down new straw.

I cannot believe that we are just a month away from shearing. And after that it’s a hop and a skip right to kidding in early April. I must get my supplies in order… it will be here before we know it!

(Pippi and SnowPea showing off their growing bellies in the sunlight)


It is truly The Last Week of the summer break!  Lots of things to do, and I have been without my car, my trusty Subaru Forester (bought in the fall of 2002, a 2003 model with 225,000 miles on it), as it had some serious electrical problems.  I wasn’t sure that our mechanic would find the problem, but at least as of tonight he says that it’s ready for a little more life.  That’s one relief for the moment!

Hemming a lovely linen pant leg
Basting prior to hemming a lovely linen pant leg

I have been frantically trying to organize the things in the house that will make life easier for being organized after I go back to work.   And the heat and humidity have returned, so I have not been sad to be doing many things in the house.  One of the jobs that I have been putting off for at least a year (I know, pathetic!) is hemming two pair of lovely linen slacks.  I have worn them a few times, but when I go up stairs I am in danger of tripping on them.  So I finally got that going.  I love hand sewing of almost all types, love quilting, love machine sewing… but I HATE hemming!  Particularly pants.  Grrr.  I am glad that I did the black pair at midday.  It was tough enough to see what I was doing then, I wouldn’t be able to it tonight!  I have one more leg to do, and then I hope they all look ok.  If they don’t, I will ignore it if possible.  As long as there is no tripping going on :*)  

Marinated chevre
Marinated chevre

Another thing that I have been able to get going on is making chevre again.  I am not keeping all the milk we get from SnowPea, a lot of it is going to our piggies.  But for two days a couple of times a week I am keeping the milk, so I can at least do a 2.5 gallon batch.  Having only one goat in milk is kind of like a mini-vacation, but it has its challenges too.  I guess I have not lost my chevre touch, the newest batch is delish!  I marinated one of them in olive oil, garlic, red and black pepper, fresh rosemary, and a little parsley.  It was better than good!  Looking forward to an autumn of making chevre and socking it away in the freezer for the spring.  

And here’s to hoping more than one goat gets bred this fall!

Amphibians win!

In this summer-of-the-rains, I can only think that the happiest beings in our neighborhood are the frogs.  The bug population is thriving, so hopefully the frogs and toads are getting their fill.  Everywhere you step, something hops in front of you!  Usually they are small, patterned froglets, but two larger specimens have become our good friends.  (These two are American Bull Frogs, but my favorites are the spring peepers and the wood frogs, who don’t “ribbit,” they quack!)

One of our friendly paddock frogs
One of our friendly paddock bullfrogs

I don’t know if it’s the same frog, but there are two that seem to hang out together in our mushy areas near the fence.  They always have smiles on their froggy faces, and don’t seem to mind us moving around them.  They don’t pay any attention to the sheep and goats, either, they just do their own thing.

Yesterday during morning chores I saw this guy sitting on the edge of the goat trough (our troughs are pretty large… maybe 30 gallon).  Then, last evening I was doing chores and found what I presume to be the same frog treading water in the tub.  John pulled him out; even though I put a floating piece of wood into the trough, he looked like he was going to have trouble exiting the pool!  (Once he was out, we drained the trough, cleaned it and re-filled it).

Morning frog; must be thinking about his morning swim!
Morning frog; must be thinking about his a.m. dip!