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Weather. And Meteors

As everyone else has pointed out this week, the weather couldn’t be nicer.  Decidedly unusual for this time in November, the week before Thanksgiving.  I am still trying to get over the sinus infection and feeling a little draggy, but the worst of it is being at work and looking out that window and imagining all the wonderful things I could be doing at home on the farm!  Scooping poop, moving the sheep one last time out in the pasture, dyeing skeins, planting the garlic, you know :*)

But the highlight of my week was on Monday night and early Tuesday morning:  the Leonid meteor showers.  I didn’t have the energy to do what our neighbors did (get up in the middle of the night), but between 6:30 and 7:30 on Monday night during chores, and then again on Tuesday morning during the 5 a.m. chore hour, I saw plenty.  I always look forward to the Perseids in August, but this past summer it was too cloudy that week.  So we have to be content with this show.  What a hardship to live in such a beautiful place with such a great expanse of sky!