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Today’s torture

Supper.  And the snow is still with us!
Supper. And the snow is still with us!

Ah. It’s almost Friday. It’s been a chilly, windy week, but we have had some nice sun, and the snow does continue to retreat. I am feeling quite upbeat what with more sun and longer daylight hours. I love having more leisure at the end of the day in the daylight. More time to spend with the goaties, and even when I am back in the house I just feel better with all the natural light coming in. (Although, even in the winter I have exactly the same amount of hours after work and into the evening: why does it feel like so much more now???)

SnowPea nudging for head rubs
SnowPea nudging for head rubs

Today’s torture, however, is a musical one! I was out doing chores this afternoon and SnowPea the white goat was in my face nibbling at my fingers, tasting my hair, and rubbing her granite-like bumpy head on my arm (she loves a good head rub, and boy, her head is one hard nut!). The song ‘Summertime’ (And the Livin’ is Easy, the Gershwin tune) popped into my head. I cannot get rid of it, but maybe I don’t want to. It holds such nice promise of the next season, which is all too short up here in the northern climates.

Zelda and her year-old doeling Marigold. Supper in the sun.
Zelda and her year-old doeling Marigold. Supper in the sun.

Way back when we lived in North Jersey, I sang with the NJ Choral Society, and we did a few concerts that featured songs like ‘Summertime’ during my years with the group. The version that’s going around in my head is the wonderful sound of standing in that large choral group. So it’s another reason to smile: wonderful memories!

A Satisfying Sunday

Frosty Sunday morning

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood here on the coast of Maine!  I love the clear coldness on these frosty mornings.  Although 18 degrees yesterday morning was quite a bit colder than I thought it would be.  But nonetheless, at least the ground is firming up and some of the mud is now frozen.  Always a plus.

I had the opportunity to have a jaunt into Portland today to go to the symphony.  Portland Symphony at Merrill Auditorium.  Wonderful program with a fresh, young visiting conductor and as always, the music was wonderful.  Horn concerto by Strauss with a soloist who was one of the original players in the Canadian Brass, Jeff Nelson.  And it never hurts to have a great performance of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.  That’s definitely a blast from the past for me.  Stravinsky was one of my father’s favorite composers.  And as always, the Merrill Auditorium was a lovely venue, with excellent acoustics.  Nice afternoon.  After the concert we hit Trader Joe’s so I could score some economical coffee beans, and then home.

Goatie babies waiting for dinner

The girls were waiting on me for chores, and Jingle let the neighborhood know that I was late in getting down to business!

Jingle voices her complaints!

Back to work for a few days and then Thanksgiving.  Just about my very favorite holiday of the year.