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Piglets 2013

Red Wattle piggies land
Red Wattle piggies land

Today was the day!  Our assigned piglets are 8 weeks old and were ready for pickup.  So we saddled up the truck with some crates, and headed up.  Of course, today we were having another deluge of rain, with chances of street flooding.  At least the temps are nice and cool, so we didn’t have to worry about the piglets overheating on the way home, which made things a little easier.

wattles2This year our piggies came from a purebred Red Wattle litter. Needless to say, they are cuter than cute.  2 barrows and a gilt.  (Barrows are castrated males and a gilt is a female who has never been bred or farrowed).  They have a lot of green stuff to eat and a nice piggie hut, so hopefully they will be happy here.  It always feels like just one more thing to organize, but once they are here, we enjoy them immensely. Great animals with wonderful personalities.  The Red Wattles are supposed to be very docile and gentle in nature, and if our last year’s pigs are anything to judge by, I would agree (they were crossbred Red Wattles).  I hope they settle in well.  They are in a nicely shaded area which is good, since tomorrow the heat and humidity are due back into the area.  Ugh!

Pigs on a toot

Brunhilde and Greta Garbo working on their supper

I had every intention of writing this post a few weeks ago.  Our piggie girls, Brunhilde and Greta Garbo, have been our favorite pigs of all time.  Just having two pigs changes their socialization, and I think that they are more interested in human interaction when there are only two.  But I also think that these girls were particularly friendly.  They always begged for back and neck scratches, and even when they got really large, they retained their playful and friendly mannerisms.  They didn’t use their size to push us around, which frequently happens when there are more pigs in a group, I think.  Maybe it’s a little bit of the gang mentality!

Piggie girl butts show the difference in their breeding

Our two girls are crossbred pigs, Red Wattle/Large Black and Red Wattle/Berkshire.  They are both entertaining and delightful.  Not just laid back and playful, but friendly as well.  We have moved them around and the paddock they spent the last month in is the back winter paddock.  About three weeks ago I came home from work and pulled down to the house at the bottom of the driveway.  My husband was out with a visiting friend for the day and I was getting home and looking forward to putting my feet up for ten quiet minutes before even thinking about chores or dinner.  But as you can guess, Brunhilde and Greta had a different idea!  I pulled down to the house (about 300 feet past the paddock area), got out of the car to grab my stuff, and who met me at the back door, but the frolicking piggie girls!  We had a short discussion with lots of back and neck scratches and pats, and they hung out behind the house while I got into my chore clothes and met them at the back door again.  As I headed up the driveway to the paddock area, I found that the girls were right at my side, snorting and chortling at me.  They didn’t even need a grain inducement to go into the paddock, where I found the panel whose baling twine had rotted and broken.  They love to itch their sides on the galvanized panels, and if there is some rotted or old twine, it just pops open.

Brunhilde and Greta had one last toot this past Friday.  I am certainly glad that I was not home when the livestock transporter came for them.  They were extremely entertaining and lovely girls. The memory of their happy days is a good one.  They will be feeding three families very nicely over the coming year, and we are extremely thankful.

Knitalong in process

Happy piggie girls

Really!  I have been picking away at my knitalong project for months.  Most of the spinning group folk have finished theirs, but Pam and I are poking along.   I dyed the worsted wool in shades of blue and purples and am really enjoying working with it.  The pattern is a top-down cardigan by Pure and Simple patterns.  Not rocket science here, but as I am not a small person, I am doing the largest size which means the most increases for the shoulders and sleeves, so every other row gets two stitches longer.  But I am almost there!  I am determined to get the 6 rows finished tonight, but I am already tired and close to bed, so maybe by midday tomorrow I can claim the accomplishment!


On another front, our piggie girls are doing really well and very happy with their digs.

Bonbel’s girls having a rest after playtime this afternoon

And all of our goatie girls have been let loose, so they are out having a great time in the paddock.