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It was quite the Friday

Mr. Fergus

Yesterday we got up extra early (after I had a bit of a sleepless night), and got on the road to Monmouth, Maine, to take Fergus the yearling buck to have his man parts removed.  Because I wasn’t sure where my husband was going to be, we also took our house goat, Peanut, with us, in her little Rubbermaid tub.

Fergus has been a very vital part of the farm for the past year, but I really need him to be able to hang out with an unbred girl or girls, or really any of the goats on the farm, without being afraid of his getting the girls pregnant.  I don’t particularly like putting castrating bands on baby bucks or rams as when they grow, their urethra and their urinary tract does not grow well without the hormones coming from the testicles being present.  I lost a ram lamb to urinary calculi, which was a bit of a wake-up call, and when you castrate them as babies, this is a much bigger problem.

Fergus and Jingle, breakfast

And so we don’t do that with our little guys.  But if we want to keep them and not use them as breeders, we really need to get that taken care of.  So we had him surgically altered today, and they also tried to do something about his recurring horn scurs (even though he was disbudded while still a baby, those boy hormones keep the horns growing afterwards, but they break off regularly and bleed all over the place).  I hope that when his hormones have died down, they won’t keep re-growing.

Apparently there were many large animal emergencies yesterday, so poor Ferg didn’t get his surgery until the afternoon.  Which meant that Sam, Peanut and I were at loose ends.  Just a little too far to go home and return, we made the best of it, going back into Gardiner and eating a late breakfast at the wonderful A1 Diner.  Later on when we realized he hadn’t even had the surgery yet, we hopped on over to Augusta and spent some time at Barnes and Noble.  Peanut seemed to enjoy the traveling, although she didn’t get much exercise.  We are making up for that today!  And Fergus needs to stay quiet for a few days, so that will be the biggest challenge of all.



End of one season

A week ago one of the days came that eventually arrive in the farming year, and when they do I am always surprised by the relief I feel.  Our roasting chickens went to the butcher last Friday with my husband, and mid-afternoon we had a visit from our favorite livestock haulers who took the pigs to the butcher as well.  That night we did a little happy dance and got to toast the end of another season of work.  The meat in the freezer is such a great feeling and even though we love the animals that it comes from, when those chores are no longer front and center, it sure is a good feeling.

A1 Diner in Gardiner

On Saturday we went to pick up the roasting chickens at the butcher in West Gardiner (Weston’s Meat Cutting) and on the way we stopped at the renowned AI Diner in Gardiner to have some breakfast.  It was raining and I didn’t think of taking a photo until we were just about on our way out, but we enjoyed the morning immensely (the food is lovely, too!).  It’s nice to get in the truck and not be able to do anything but knit and chat and watch the seasonal changes in the area as we drive through.  I am so often caught on my little hamster-wheel of off to work in the dark to rush right home to chores and dinner, without taking a different route.  It’s certainly nice to turn left instead of right some days!