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Vacation on the farm

Does this look like a pampered goat?

April break is here.  Phew!  The weather isn’t as warm as it was a few weeks back, but today was perfect for getting outside to clean out the hay greenhouse and try to get our bottle goat outside with his own species!  He wasn’t very happy with me, but he kept investigating, and the other goatie babies investigated him, so he had some time in the sun and briefly the rain, to get an idea of what’s out there.  When I went out to give him his 6 PM bottle, he was shivering.  Even though it was still 60 degrees outside, the wind had picked up and I had pity on him and brought him back to the house.  We will try again tomorrow.  I still worry about him as he doesn’t take the bottle without guidance, but I think he will do fine once he is eating hay and a little grain.  He ought to, he nibbles on just about anything he can reach in the house :*)