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Kate the Ewe delivers!

Kate and 11.5 lb. ewe number 1!

Kate, one of our Coopworth ewes, had her lambs on her due date this morning.  We bred her to our Border Leicester ram, Mr. Big, and I knew I needed to keep an eye on her.  Border Leicesters generally have much longer legs than Coopworths, so when we crossbreed them I am always watching for problems.  Kate went into labor this morning and nothing was happening; I penned her in the greenhouse and she was hysterical for breakfast, but that wasn’t going to happen.  She really needed to get down to business, and when I realized that nothing was happening, I knew that I needed to help her.  So I got my lambing kit and checked her out:  #1 ewe lamb  had a really big head, and her elbows were caught behind her mom’s pelvis, so I had to help her out.  Once she made her appearance, Kate went to work and got her cleaned up and ready for breakfast.  She is a fantastic mama ewe, and she was excited about her girl.  I think Kate has only ever had rams before!  So this was a new experience for all of us.  Once she had this big girl, we thought that she was done.  But while she was cleaning ewe #1 off, she lay down and ewe #2 just popped out, like a diver jumping off the high dive!  Both ewes are 11+ lbs and gorgeous!

#2 ewe needs some help getting up

Both ewe lambs are doing well, except that I needed to clip both of their lower lids.  Entropion has reared its ugly head.  We have been using electrical alligator clips that hold out the lid until it stays where it is supposed to be.  Chloe was a big help today and we got a lovely picture of her with one of the ewes after we weighed, clipped and dipped the umbilical, and gave her the BoSe shot to prevent White Muscle Disease.  Great and beautiful day to be born!

Chloe and Kate's #1 ewe lamb have a moment together