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Peanut is still here

Peanut, surveying her new territory

What a day!  Our little Peanut Butter is still with us, and is a feisty one at that.  I fell into bed last night at 12:30, and managed to sleep some, but by 5 I was up trying to evaluate how our little girl was doing.  I tried and tried to get her onto the bottle, but it did not work.  Last night she passed a lot of meconium poops, so something was working, and this morning she was chirping and crying for food, but as soon as I got that nipple near her mouth she would panic and just not deal with it (her tongue has no coordination, and it just rolls around.  Early days yet, I hope).

Peanut practiced all day to be able to stand on 3 legs and scratch an itch

So by 6:30 I just realized that we needed to tube feed her.  I couldn’t give her much, because she obviously had some milk lurking there from last night (so then I began to worry that she wasn’t digesting, which is a distinct possibility).  But we kept trying to get her on the bottle, and when I finally spoke to the vet, she indicated that we need to take small steps, and it’s always a possibility that she would not ever be able to digest her food (being hypothermic for so long, her belly may not be able to really do it’s job, or come back to normalcy).  Just about the time I was on the phone with the vet, however, Peanut was making a big, giant, poopy mess in her little warm box.  So we hope that we are on the right train tracks here.

We have to be very careful not to let her get too dehydrated, which is a by-product of hypothermia, so we are doing small tube feedings of milk with colostrum, alternated with Gator Ade.  Saffron and Battie are our star girls, giving us a few quarts a day, aside from what their babies are consuming.  (And I could definitely get more if I need it!).

And so it goes.  That little goatie girl has the run of the house now, but luckily she doesn’t want to stray too far yet.  (Peanut loves hanging out with me and snuggling, while she chirps her little songs and snoozes).  Our chihuahua, Tesser, had a fit yesterday because we set up Peanut on her bed in front of the wood stove, with hot water bottles all around, and blankets and towels galore.  I don’t think I have ever seen Tesser so upset!  She has been hiding in her cave of a dog bed in the bathroom ever since, where the floor is 70F, and there are no roving alien goat babies.

Animal update

Banjo keeps close track of us

We have had a lot of inquiries about how some of the animals are coming along, especially Banjo the bottle goat.  He is now over a month old and doing very well.  He is down to two bottles/day, but he is eating up a storm at the hay feeder.  I kept offering him that late night bottle, but this past week he only played with it when I went out, so I decided just to give him the two.  He really is a sweet boy, and just follows us around while we do chores.  I have to make sure to remember to get him back inside as we get so used to having him running about!

Then there are those adorable piggies!  They are really growing like crazy.  Not as friendly as some of the pigs we have had in the past, but they are getting used to us little by little.

3 Not-So-Little piggies

And the real eye-popper is always the chickens.  They just grow so fast you can almost see it happen.  This breed of roaster acts so much more like egg-layers than the CornishX we usually get that I am totally amazed.  They are active little foragers which hopefully will keep their legs strong so as they grow they won’t weaken and keel over dead as their body mass increases.  Their feathers are popping out, and it’s lovely to see the range of buff and reddish coloration.  The guinea keets are growing fast as well (boy are they fast little buggers!).

Roasters doing their chicken thing
John holds 3 of the chicks
A roaster showing off his or her new feathers

And so it goes.

Piggies and the bottle boy

Bottle boy is in the bucket!

Well, Banjo-Bela bottle goat has been transitioned to the great outdoors.  He is kind of an odd duck out there with the other goats as his mother doesn’t acknowledge him, but he is getting into the swing of things and plays with the other kids.  The only thing that I don’t like is that he sleeps alone with no one to cuddle up with  :*(

On another note, we have gotten this year’s piggies, and they are as cute as can be.  3 Berkshire crosses.  It really is feeling like summer is right around the corner.

Piggles at work

Vacation on the farm

Does this look like a pampered goat?

April break is here.  Phew!  The weather isn’t as warm as it was a few weeks back, but today was perfect for getting outside to clean out the hay greenhouse and try to get our bottle goat outside with his own species!  He wasn’t very happy with me, but he kept investigating, and the other goatie babies investigated him, so he had some time in the sun and briefly the rain, to get an idea of what’s out there.  When I went out to give him his 6 PM bottle, he was shivering.  Even though it was still 60 degrees outside, the wind had picked up and I had pity on him and brought him back to the house.  We will try again tomorrow.  I still worry about him as he doesn’t take the bottle without guidance, but I think he will do fine once he is eating hay and a little grain.  He ought to, he nibbles on just about anything he can reach in the house :*)