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Memory lane

Yesterday was my birthday.  58.  Yahoo.  It’s always nice having a birthday on the weekend, so the whole weekend actually feels like a celebration.  The cold weather has descended upon us and I was in the mood for doing some baking.  John makes some of the most fantastic bread on the planet, but I have been wanting to bake up some challah. very different from his artisanal loaves.  So yesterday I decided to do just that.

A braid of challah just out of the oven

I don’t think that I have made this recipe in 10 years.  I can’t remember having baked any since we moved up here.  This bread is truly a thing of beauty.  For many years I made this recipe every Friday in anticipation of the sabbath.  Some good memories there!  Jerusalem and Beer Sheva in the 1970s.  And then holidays since then.  Really good stuff.  The recipe actually comes from a Moroccan Jewish woman in Jerusalem who used to bake up giant batches in her bathtub every Friday morning.  It’s the best.

I certainly don’t need more carbs in my life, but in weather that’s hovering around zero and a wind chill that has us well below zero, I am just going to have another piece of challah and savor it with another cup of coffee.  Nothing better!