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Lambing window 2011 is now closed!

Kate and her lambs

Phew.  My husband called me at work yesterday morning to say that Kate had finally (!) had her lambs about 9 a.m.  A white ewe and a black ram.  They were a little overdue, but they both look great and are doing well.  I am a little surprised at the white lamb as Kate is a blue ewe and Lucky comes from two black parents; Kate’s father was a blue and her mother also.  But white genetics are very strong in sheep and I guess you never know when they are going to defy the odds and pop out :*)

Snowday again today, wet heavy snow out there.  I have not been anxious to lengthen the school year with more days off, but I have to say that I was looking forward to taking it easy for the day.  We have one doe that has not even come close to looking like she is going to kid anytime soon, so while we will be watching her closely, it’s not as extreme a situation as watching for multiple ewes and does to go into labor.

With the bad weather today most of the babies spent the day inside the greenhouse.  It was a hopping place!

SnowPea and the kids

Lucy and Raven add their efforts to the season

Lucy's first ewe

A little sleep deprived, but all in all, very content this morning.  Yesterday afternoon Pam came over to see Meadow’s new lambies, and as it had been raining hard, we didn’t rush right out to the greenhouse.  When we did get there, who was inside, but Lucy – a first-timer – and two gorgeous, black ewe lambs!  One of Lucy's girlsTalk about color genetics!  Mr. Big, the AI white Border Leicester ram is the father.  And these aren’t the only black lambs that have come from his crop of babies this year.  Apparently, although my understanding of color genetics is sketchy, I would think that Mr. Big must have some recessive black genes in there.  I was thinking that we have never had black lambs from him in the past, but I need to look at my records to be sure.  It’s been a very interesting lambing!

One of Raven's early morning boys

I locked everyone into the greenhouse last night as the weather was getting worse, and again in the wee hours we had another set of twins, this time from Raven, a very dark ewe.  Two white ram lambs from Mr. Big.  And they are big boys!  11 and 12 pounders.  Very cute, and very quick on the uptake.  Full tummies in no time at all.

And we still have our 50/50 split of rams and ewes!

Raven's other lamb has droopy ears!